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  • HX1838 IR Remote Control Receiver Module w/ Dupont Cable - Green

    posted by Troncs

    It's a cheap and high quality Arduino. It is the original thing (made in Italy). Expected. It's is easy to use, everything you need to know is on the web.
    The shipment was fast, I got it within 2.5 weeks. It was packaged in a carton box within a bubble wrap envelop. No damage during shipment whatsoever.
    Good quality product for a fair price. I recommended it to other users.
  • Remote control

    posted by MYSAK

    Good idea, simple execution.Perfect for my application.The product has a good range, battery life, I can not judge the driver because of the short time during which own the equipment.
    It would be a good test output.New products do not work good name of the supplier-DX.
    High costs in reclaiming.The second time I will think twice if you buy a similar product on the DX, or at home.
  • Surpassed my expectations.

    posted by marksuarez

    Easy to install. Low current draw. Built-in audio amplifier. Good audio providing you use a decent pair of speakers. (I'm using an off-the-shelf pair of bookshelf speakers and it sounds great).
    I'm thinking of buying two more for my kids.
    I'm glad I bought this.
  • Excellent Product, but minor complaints.

    posted by ronyket

    - Great sound quality. - Excellent quality and sensibility FM Radio. - Marked connections on the board for easy installation. - Has an optional connection for an AUX input. - Has a clock function. - The front bezel, is actually a sticker you can glue on the front after screwing it firmly in place.
    Liked a lot the sound quality for this product, bought that for using with an old Kenwood Tape Car Radio, that controls CD Changer, and installed it on the CD Changer connectors.For even easier installation, it should come with both cables for the soldered connectors on the board, but i soldered wires directly on the board for installing.It have some functions not described in this page, and got more what i paid for.
    Very recomendded for using with old Tape Car Radios or DIY boomboxes.
  • Works great, very simple to use

    posted by shobo

    A very nice and simple to use product. It works great with the libraries found online. I've personally used this library http://www.arcfn.com/2009/08/multi-protocol-infrared-remote-library.html with great results. I like that they've included a "control" LED on the board, as it makes it very easy to check whether the sensor is receiving or not.
    It came in a zip-lock bag: the receiver and LED were bubble wrapped. No problems with packaging.The receiving sensor is a Vishay VS1838b.The pinout might seem a little fuzzy, but it's actually quite simple: the left pin, (which has a "-" written in the silkscreen next to it) is GND, middle is VCC and the right pin (which has a "S" next to it) is the output pin (or signal).The remote works in NEC protocol. Here are the codes for all the functions:PWR = 0xFFA25D;MODE = 0xFF629D;MUTE = 0xFFE21D;PLAY = 0xFF22DD;BWD = 0xFF02FD;FWD = 0xFFC23D;EQ = 0xFFE01F;VDN = 0xFFA857;VUP = 0xFF906F;ZERO = 0xFF6897;SHUFFLE = 0xFF9867;USD = 0xFFB04F;ONE = 0xFF30CF;TWO = 0xFF18E7;THREE = 0xFF7A85;FOUR = 0xFF10EF;FIVE = 0xFF38C7;SIX = 0xFF5AA5;SEVEN = 0xFF42BD;EIGHT = 0xFF4AB5;NINE = 0xFF52AD;
    Great product for quick prototyping/making a proof of concept. Could be harder to integrate on a perfboard or final product if you don't want to use the wires.

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