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  • Nice item and high quality

    posted by Principe1970

    I ORDERED THIS HELICOPTER FOR MY SON'S BIRTHDAY. I was expecting a classic helicopter, usually they are so fragile and my son already broke two of them after few use (3-4 days). I was very surprised to find that this helicopter is a very high quality item! The sctructure is metal and son plastic part are so strong and well designed.Also falling many times when my son had to learn how to control it, the helicopter was still in very good conditions without any damage.
    Really a good toy for your baby.
    The helicopter is running very well. I'm very satisfied of this choice!
  • nice for newbies

    posted by gadgetsgdl

    - Sturdy construction, we've crashed this heli a few times and still wrks and nothing has broken.
    - The gyro feature on the controller is nice, it really helps to stabilyze the helicopter when needed.
    - It can fly pretty high (up to 4 meters)
    - Ready to fly
    - It is very nice as a first helicopter, so if you broke it you wouldn't mind that much as it is cheap.
    - Kids wouldn't want waiting 50 mins charging to play 6 mins
    For the price this is very nice to have, you wouldn't regret this purchase.
  • Stable big heli.

    posted by sindrg

    -Stable even when hoovering a few cm above ground. -Just found out that it is powerful enough to lift GoPro 2 (without protective case) but you have to do some modding to fit the GoPro underneath. -Controller can change between modes-Good range -Easy to use straight from the box.
    I thought it would be difficult going from the v911 to this one but as long as you got used to the slow reaction in the controller, its not that bad. The v911 is allot more playful but i have not dared to test the v913 to its full capacity yet.
    Its a fun and good chopper for its price. The extra batteries that you can buy from DX is smaller than the one included, but some electric tape around the battery fixed that issue. Now these days, I cant wait to get home from work to get the bird up in the air and enjoy the sound and sight of the v913 doing flyby's, while humming the Airwolf theme.
  • (English) Very cool! - (Português) Muito irado!

    posted by Godin32

    English---------- Easy to control indoor;- Build quality is good;- The details are cool.Português--------------- Fácil de controlar em ambiente fechado;- Qualidade do material é boa;- Bem detalhado.
    English---------Small but very funny! Has a led in front of it that stays on when you turn it on and blinks when the battery is low. Comes with a USB charge that when charging the red light of it stays off until the battery is full, then the lights goes on. Works with 6 AA batterys.Português--------------Pequeno mas muito divertido! Tem uma luz de led que fica o tempo todo acessa enquanto está ligado. Quando a bateria fica fraca ela pisca quando você tenta dar algum comando. Vem com um carregador USB que acende uma luz quando a bateria está cheia. Enquanto está carregando, permanece apagada. O controle leva 6 pilhas AA.
    English---------Very easy to play. I crashed sometimes and it is still flying! Looks like n Apache!Português--------------Muito fácil de controlar! Já deixei cair algumas vezes, já bati em parede e até agora ele está voando! Se parece muito com o helicóptero Apache.
  • Impressed after fixing the adjust pot

    posted by 06262NW5

    It is small, firm structure.Lifts like a well balanced machine.Camera has a nice picture for this amount of money.It took me about 1 hour flight to get good control and maneuverability.
    Had to fix the adjustable pot to stop it spinning which was an out of box failure.I am considering to buy another one for my son.
    For this kind of money I think it's a great deal.I have found cheaper models but not this quality.

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