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You'll find the best remote helicopter 4 ch for you here. As the number 1 cool gadgets provider, DX provides and delivers high quality products from China, worldwide. Find your beloved cool gadgets right now.
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remote helicopter 4 ch Customers Reviews

  • The best Helimodel for begginers

    posted by jonasfitz

    Very nice! The radio is perct! perfect as the model! I'm learning how to fly with this bit i can say for now that it is very good! I use to crash it a lot and it is work perfectly!
    Good fly time! with 2 batteries you can fly more or less 16-18 minutes. I recomend you to buy at the same time a simulator cable, here at dx you can find it. This will help you a lot!
    Good model, good radio, good price and delivery! thanks dx!
  • Easy and fun to fly

    posted by micben

    Extremely stable in the air, easy to fly, 4 channels provide movement in all directions. Build quality seems to be good.
    Propeller wings are made of plastic and are vibrating heavily during flight. Maybe not a problem, but I suspect it may brake after a while because of this...
    Buy this helicopter if you want an easy-to-fly, extremely stable and controllable indoor helicopter. Very good value for money.
  • Shorter than I wished

    posted by maristela.campos

    This is a good helicopter. It's very good to pilot. And the price is good too. I didn't payed any tax to receive in Brazil. It's almost a professional helicopter, because of the 4 chanels.
    The package arrived early than I was think. It's so bad that it was demaged.
    It's a very good helicopter and easy to use. I didn't payed any tax to receive in Brazil.
  • Very good

    posted by hugomarzullo

    The helicopter is very good, makes several maneuvers that another does not because it has a larger amount of propellers, flies high and is not necessary a load of big time, he is a product light and easy to handle.
    A good fact that it is cheap and comes with extra propellers in case something breaks, then it is an excellent product I liked very much and I'm playing.
    Very interesting is the fact that you can play indoors, because it flies stopped, it is paradinho in the air, besides run on own axis and do other normal maneuvers, really fantastic and I really enjoyed this cheap price.
  • Stable big heli.

    posted by sindrg

    -Stable even when hoovering a few cm above ground. -Just found out that it is powerful enough to lift GoPro 2 (without protective case) but you have to do some modding to fit the GoPro underneath. -Controller can change between modes-Good range -Easy to use straight from the box.
    I thought it would be difficult going from the v911 to this one but as long as you got used to the slow reaction in the controller, its not that bad. The v911 is allot more playful but i have not dared to test the v913 to its full capacity yet.
    Its a fun and good chopper for its price. The extra batteries that you can buy from DX is smaller than the one included, but some electric tape around the battery fixed that issue. Now these days, I cant wait to get home from work to get the bird up in the air and enjoy the sound and sight of the v913 doing flyby's, while humming the Airwolf theme.

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