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  • Best IR remote control for the price

    posted by benj1423

    Simple design and does what it's supposed to do. Easily recognizable within 10 feet. And best of all free battery with very low price!
    Using the item on my Pentax K-01 and it is fully compatible, i don't think other highly priced remote would do better job. (except for the waterproofed one)
    This item is priced $8-15 locally in the Philippines, if you are willing to wait for at least 20 days, then you should buy this!
  • Great for the money

    posted by bb990

    Great product for the price; doorbell case is well built, the button works good - you can obviously see and feel it is plastic, but it is strongly built - plastic casing is tough enough, you don't have the feeling of breaking the casing with a harder push of the button. Many melodies and very loud.
    Very good for the price; the button case is mounted on surface, so probably more for indoor use (bad weather, vandalism..). Maybe just missing more "classic doorbell" melodies, more different "ding-dongs" would be great.
    Overall good product for the price.
  • It's LOUD

    posted by emolfi2

    * Plays lots of known tunes and a classic two tone ring bell. Didn't count all them though.
    * Has three leds, red, green and blue that blink and fade in a nice and cool pattern when activated.
    * The tunes are cycled pressing the first button and volume can be changed in steps with the second button.
    * The transmitter has a red led that lights under the translucent blue plastic cover when the button is pressed.
    * The range seems good enough for use all around the house.
    * It's small and light.
    * The receiver has two shaped holes to fit the head of a screw attached to the wall in two different positions.
    * There is included a piece of double tape to attach the transmitter to a wall if you prefer not to use screws in the back plate holes.
    * The RX uses just two AA batteries and draws 0.5mA @ 3V while iddle.
    * It's so loud that people around got scared when testing it the first time.
    * The leds are mounted in die form in a separate pcb.
    * If you are going to retune them be sure to take a photo of the original position of the adjustable cap (TX) and coil (RX).
    * It's smaller than it looks, which is great.
    * Good value for the price. Half the price of local ones and more functionality for most people.
  • GSM Power Switch

    posted by stojkecar

    Simple, easy setup, SMS control, White list for accepted numbers
    It was easy to setup. I had to bought AC adapter for EURO plug(1EUR). I udes manual to setup allowed numbers than can trigger switch. I use it for reseting Wireless BS on hills so i dont have to go there. I put it behind UPS, and connect all equipment behind it. When somethings stops, I send SMS for turning power OFF and again for ON. Helped me few times so far, and saved me gas money.
    Simple, cheap device for reseting your equipment and saving Your money.
  • Maybe best battery grip for D5100

    posted by teear

    AA-battery holder. Works very well with all of these batteries what I have. Original Nikon batteries works too. And no problems with Hähnel battery.Quality and materials are great too. This is not so plastic than many others grips are. Feels more pro.
    Works well. That battery grip is now in everyday use. This grip have one function what DX.com dont say, you can use shutter button without connection cable when you change shooting mode to IR in camera.
    Very good battery grip for that price. In Europe, much more plasticy grip with no AA-holder pays about 60-100 euros.

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