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You will be surprised our best remote control outlet with an artful design and an amazing price. DX has an excellent returns and exchange policy to protect our customer's rights, providing a secure shopping environment. wireless remote control or canon remote control may offer more options for you. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.
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remote control outlet Customers Reviews

  • Hard to Set - Easy to use

    posted by FighterNo1

    Reaction on Remote Control is incredible good.
    It works better than the Stereo, I also control with the same remote!
    Saves a lot of running around.
    Great to save Standby Power!
    Reaction Range is really good!
    I bought it for fun, and now i use it to save the standby current of my Projector and it does it's job great, it doesn't even loose the setting if you put it away from power!
    Buy it and you will find a useful place to put it!
  • Great / Muito bom, vale a pena

    posted by Tvs12345

    This is a great gadget, also It is very versatile, you can make eletric things easier and better.
    É muito bom mesmo, vale a pena comprar. Eu fiz um sistema de luz aqui em casa e para ligar tinha que ser num interruptor que ficava escondido, tirei ele e troquei por esse aparelho, agora isso ficou bem mais fácil e legal, além de poder surpreender alguma visita... Fica realmente "chique";)
    To set-up this you need to turn on it while plugged, now you press it till the light blink, then you must press at any Remote Control any key so you press the gadget button again and it will be done.
    Pra configurar é simples.
    1. Ligue na tomada e aperte o botão para ligar.
    2. Então pressione esse botão até a luz piscar e enquanto ela estiver piscando você pega o controle remoto que você vai querer configurar nele, aponta pro adaptador e aperta a tecla que você desejar. Então ele vai configurar ai você aperta no botão do adaptador e tá pronto.
    You should buy this if you really like technology... Makes all your eletronics more efficient and nice.
    Deixa qualquer luminária, abajur, ar condicionado sem controle remoto (aconselho para esses) mais prático.
  • A good idea

    posted by papymey

    Very usefull gadget. You can save money on electrical invoice by shuting down tv, web box and all video or sound equipment .Power avalaible is enough for video use. Usefull from my bed ! :-). no need to leave the bed ....
    An EU version is strongly wished !A white version is wished.
    so for the price a better and cheaper choice than wireless plug saled in France with a remote control.
  • Great Remote Controlled Outlet

    posted by myersmatthew

    Product sold in retail stores in the U.S. during holiday times for double the cost!
    The Build Quality is excellent
    Works well
    The Sensor picks up the remote transmission very easily and from all angles.
    I can aim the remote completely away from item and across the room and it works
    Price is excellent
    Free shipping
    Only time will tell how long it lasts, but judging by build quality it seems as if will last quite a while!
    Great price, Great quality, Free shipping and overall great deal! Buy multiple you will want them. I wish I had bought more now I have to wait for shipping again!!

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