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remote control kit Customers Reviews

  • Great with JY-MCU 3208 Lattice Clock

    posted by Megaavr

    Very cheap, this has all the parts to add Infra-red remote control to the JY-MCU 3208 Lattice Clock just solder the IR receiver onto the board and as it is connected to the input capture pin its easy to get working you can find all the code here to use it http://www.mcselec.com/index2.php?option=com_forum&Itemid=59&page=viewtopic&t=10696&start=45
    Got to have with the JY-MCU 3208 Lattice Clock it would be a good if it was mentioned with the clock as an additional item so that people know of it then they can get them both at the same time.
    At such low cost have to buy more than one, the batteries that are included will cost more!
  • Barato y efectivo. muchas posibilidades

    posted by SrDonGato

    tiene muchas posibilidades de configuracion, puedes activar y desactivarla desde los 4 mandos SMS o por telefono. llama hasta 5 numeros de telefono de forma ciclica, sensores efectivos aunque aun no se que autonomia efectiva tiene cada uno. centralida MUY configurable e instrucciones en ingles pero muy intuitivo.
    muy barata para las funciones que tiene. en dx.com se consiguen mas volumetricos por unos 10 dolares
    la alarma esta instalada ahce un mes y no ha tenido ningun problema de funcionamiento.
  • Great IR contro

    posted by Hakkinator

    Works great. Sensitivity at 3m perfect, at 5m ok. On osciloscope signal clear enaugh. Worked with standart Arduino IR library righ out of box
    Great IR remote for DIY projects. Will use it for line following robot for starting and for my DIY vacumcleaning robot.
    Buy it.
  • Works great, very simple to use

    posted by shobo

    A very nice and simple to use product. It works great with the libraries found online. I've personally used this library http://www.arcfn.com/2009/08/multi-protocol-infrared-remote-library.html with great results. I like that they've included a "control" LED on the board, as it makes it very easy to check whether the sensor is receiving or not.
    It came in a zip-lock bag: the receiver and LED were bubble wrapped. No problems with packaging.The receiving sensor is a Vishay VS1838b.The pinout might seem a little fuzzy, but it's actually quite simple: the left pin, (which has a "-" written in the silkscreen next to it) is GND, middle is VCC and the right pin (which has a "S" next to it) is the output pin (or signal).The remote works in NEC protocol. Here are the codes for all the functions:PWR = 0xFFA25D;MODE = 0xFF629D;MUTE = 0xFFE21D;PLAY = 0xFF22DD;BWD = 0xFF02FD;FWD = 0xFFC23D;EQ = 0xFFE01F;VDN = 0xFFA857;VUP = 0xFF906F;ZERO = 0xFF6897;SHUFFLE = 0xFF9867;USD = 0xFFB04F;ONE = 0xFF30CF;TWO = 0xFF18E7;THREE = 0xFF7A85;FOUR = 0xFF10EF;FIVE = 0xFF38C7;SIX = 0xFF5AA5;SEVEN = 0xFF42BD;EIGHT = 0xFF4AB5;NINE = 0xFF52AD;
    Great product for quick prototyping/making a proof of concept. Could be harder to integrate on a perfboard or final product if you don't want to use the wires.
  • Great deal

    posted by payback12

    Great price that can't be beat anywhere. Product reliably works. Compact so it fits easily in camera bag on the go.
    This is a great product for beginner photographers that want to use a remote flash. I use it along with some cheap flashes from this website and some optical triggers to make various interesting lighting styles. It has allowed me to do silhouettes and other things I could never do with a camera mounted flash.
    I'll probably buy more of these, because at this price it can't hurt to have extras.


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