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remote control 2.4ghz

You can buy cheap remote control 2.4ghz from us. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. People who browse remote control 2.4ghz also browse sony remote control and canon remote control. Join us and enjoy the best discounts around.
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remote control 2.4ghz Customers Reviews

  • Great media controller

    posted by cnewbyuk

    Very slick controller.Works perfectly with any Android mini pc. Button layout on the remote control, mouse side is very well thought out. Very natural to use.Range is very good.Works like a Wii controller in remote/mouse mode, and it works very well. (Even my mom was able to use with out having to read the manual)Battery life is great, still on my forst set of batteries, and this is used nearly everyday.
    This remote looks very slick, and will not look out of place in your living room, or in your meeting room, as I have used in it meetings too (windows 7 and Ubuntu compatible)
    Great for controlling your media machine in your living room. Looks good, with battery life and range.Recommended
  • Perfect wireless shutter

    posted by Bobdevries

    A cheap very good working remote control for top DSLR's. I've seen other ones, but more expensive.Now I use this a lot, it's fast. And it's works pretty easy. Just swicht one button to have the right shutter option.
    It works very well with the Canon EOS 50D. It is very good for this cheap price. I would even recommend this one, because it works very easy!
    Resume: It's a cheap and good wireless shutter remote.
  • Yes, it works very well

    posted by paulomauricio

    1) easy and quick connection to the camera. 2) Uses AAA batteries easy to find anywhere. 3) it is you who determines the timing of the photo at a distance. 4) the shutter release button has two stages, such as the camera trigger. One for focus adjustment and the second for the shooting. 5) If you also want to be photographed, the trigger waiting 2 seconds so that you have time to keep the control in your pocket after you shoot the photo.
    You can use it when shooting with long exposure times, so that the camera doesn't stir
    The remote control operates up to 100 m distant from the camera, which allows you to use it to allow photographs of skittish animals. You can choose several command codes to not interfere with others who are also using similar devices
  • Works great, awesome price

    posted by compufreak7

    Accelerometer works great, mouse disabled while using keyboard to avoid pointer flying around.It comes with microphone and speaker (and headphone jack) so you can use it as an actual phone with skype or something!It even came with a smaller dongle than shown on pictures, very slim version. Works great.
    Very useful in combination with an android TV box or stick or if you want to use your PC as media center or from across the room.
    Great price/quality, lots of functionality and it all works great. Slim dongle. Lacks play/pause and stop buttons but you can work around that easily. Great product overall!
  • Super fun

    posted by hargje

    Everything you need is in the package.I have crashed it many times, but it is still as new, the protection works as intended.Can fly it outdoors, even with some wind.Two modes, beginner and experienced.Charger can charge two batteries at the same time.
    Only one battery.. You should buy some more batteries for even more fun.I have a large quad to, but this small one is as much fun as the big one. Great starter-quad, and even fun for experienced quad-flyers to.
    Great product with hours and hours of fun!

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