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  • Better range than I expected!

    posted by Bluestar45

    Ridiculously simple to use, this remote shutter release offers a single power ON/OF button on the receiver, plus a manual trigger. It also has two bright LEDs to indicate its activity. A coiled cord helps keep things neat when the unit is attached to the hot shoe, and plugged into the N style trigger port. (Note: The hot shoe is just a place to attach the receiver to the camera. The receiver makes no electrical connections through the hot shoe.)
    But its the transmitter which is the star of the show. The range is far greater than I expected, exceeding 30 yards line of sight and probably more if you hold it higher than waist level!
    Additionally, the status LED (bi-color red and green)not only indicates when the shutter is tripped (red) but also indicates the halfway press which engages the auto focus. Sweet! The transmitter button has a soft stop at the halfway point, and a well defined click for the full press, making it a snap to tell without looking how far you pressed. The transmitter also features its own timer mode (see cons) as well as a multi-shot and bulb mode.
    And the system even offers a choice of operating channels via four position DIP switches on the transmitter and receiver, making it useful for multi camera situations.
    The english translations are typically obscure, so the bulb mode bears a bit more detail here. Unlike other remote shutter releases which require you to hold the button down for the duration, this one saves the battery life by allowing you to press and hold the transmitter button until its status light goes out, then a second press closes the shutter. While the shutter is actually open, the receiver status light will remain on as a reminder.
    The batteries are rated for approximately 1000 triggers, and DX sells both the 23A (SKU 475) and the CR2 (SKU 904).
    DX also sells a number of other wireless triggers so research them out, but for the very low cost, this was my choice, and I am more than pleased with it.
  • Better Than Canon TC-80N3

    posted by ThorsBear

    This timer Remote is better than Canon TC-80N3, I would know, I own one.Vantages over Canon TC-80N3:- On/Off switch- Much better back light- Uses AAA batteries. Which are much easier to find, cheaper, and also allows rechargeable option.- Gives both audible and visual conformation of exposure sequence. (and audible part can be turned off!)- Allows total number of exposures to be 399, not 99. And it shows the remaining exposures remaining in the sequence (huge plus!).- connection cord is about 4" longer. (not huge I know, but its a plus!)- Gives you the duration of the exposure when using the simple shutter button. (this does not mean the shutter button only works with power, it still works if batteries are dead.)
    Definitely seems that there was some thought put into this timer, not just a clone of the Canon TC-80N3. And I think both the quality and the price are excellent.
    If you have an doubts about buying this over the Canon TC-80N3, you can rest assured that this will work, and work better than the Canon TC-80N3.
  • Works as expected.

    posted by shokkas

    Good radio flash trigger set. Easy to use, easy to mount on the camera (the transmitter), and easy to use with flash and light stand.4 channels options to use. Main thing about it - CHEAP! I found that where I live these were sold for around 50USD! Managed to use transmitter with similar receivers as well. Very helpful.
    Though I already bought other type of triggers that can also wakeup flashes from sleep, i still use this set from time to time as needed with various cameras/setups.
    Good starting point for strobists
  • Great Battery grip

    posted by leojulien

    The grip fix perfectly in the camera, an it looks like a part of the body. The colour and quality of the plastics are the same as the Canon body. The grip increse the camera-weight but it gives more stability.As well as being cheap, it gives you autonomy with the two batteries slots.Verry confortable grip.
    more autonomy
    autonomy, stability, quality, performance and good manufactured. Not much more to say, it's a great accessory.
  • Mast have!

    posted by Morok

    It's awesome!First of all, it has english manual, so you can learn how to use it without searching the internet.It has good build quality - hard and solid - with a long wire.It's universal - you can use it almost on any DSLR cameras.It can transform your low-level camera into high-level camera (well, in some cases), because it can expand abilities of your camera.
    It have really big variety of abilities and uses, so you need to think - do you need them? If so - buy it without hesitation! It's totally worth it!
    Awesome thing, i like it very much and use it when i need to shut something with camera on tripod, or when i don't want to touch camera and avoid any tremor or shakes..

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