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remote bulb e27 Customers Reviews

  • Good Lamp

    posted by andres1ness

    Good primary colors (R, G, B), the aluminium its high resistant(i'll tell you why in cons), the range of the remote control its good. The lens are good made.
    The remote, change channels and mute my TV too, lol xD.
    It a great lamp, and a good choice to decorative stuff =)
  • Nice lamp. Ideal for background lighting.

    posted by undume

    + four brightness levels+ good build quality+ small and simple IR remote+ wide working voltage range+ bright enough+ ideal for background lighting
    I like this lamp. Ok, it is not very useful as a replacement for ordinary light bulb, but good design element. Most of the time I use it as a "standby light".
  • Very nice colors, great lamp

    posted by gand0lfi

    - It's a nice LED lamp
    - Nice build quality
    - Works as expected
    - Fit's all major lamps, could be difficult in some desktop lamps, like with every big rounded lamp.
    - It has a remote !!
    - A lot of colors can be made.
    - If you use the IR to shutdown, it reminds your last configuration.
    - You can set the amount of every color, making a brighter or a very poor light if you want.
    My cree C3 flashlight is brighter than this in White color. Anyways I don't regret, and I'm going to buy two more to get a better effect.
    If you're looking for a decorative lamp, a nasty room light, or something between them, buy it.
  • Interesting, and somewhat useful

    posted by blibbler

    Cheaper than other similar bulbsEasy to select particular colours or brightnessesLots of colour changing functions
    I think this kind of light is best used as a regular light >90% of the time, but have the flexibility to change it to something else fairly easily. Unfortunately while it is trivial to set the bulb to a particular colour, it is more difficult to set it to white.
    Its much cheaper than other multicoloured bulbs, and if you are curious about them, it is worth a go.
  • Very good as "wall-light"

    posted by hugoleosp

    I really liked the design, it looks good and nice =DIt appears to be made with good material and I hope it will last long.Lights are very nice .. you have the 3 basic colors and 12 secondary colors .. and also white.You have 4 predefined color scheme that keeps changing the color of the lights (I don't know if you can personalize this, there is no manual).There is also 3 levels of intensity.
    I think is VERY worth it to have this, but have in mind you wont have a clear ambient with this light, it is decorative, for those that loves to have a low light ambient .. you can switch colors as a stress relief .. or just according to your mood.I bought two and now I think I'll buy more =D
    The only bottom line is it is not strong enough, but I bought with this in mind. The ideia was just decorative .. so I'm fine =Dbut it !!!


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