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remote appliance Customers Reviews

  • Works Great

    posted by xenophan35

    Works Great
    Very long working distance
    Good price
    Güzel çalisiyor
    Uzun mesafeli çekim gücü
    Uygun fiyat
    Good device for lazy people in bedrooms
    Tembel insanlar için yatak odalarinda çok kullanisli.
    Good device for lazy people while sleeping.
    Go get it
  • No extra remote needed

    posted by ryanlry

    I got this for a night light that was on the other end of my room from where my bed was. Programmed it with a spare universal remote I had lying around and turned a huge standing lamp into a remote-controlled night light. Works well and I now don't have to walk over to turn it off and stumble and trip over stuff in the dark.
    Makes a weird clicky noise when you trigger it with the universal remote. Not sure if it's good or bad, but I got used to it and referred to it as an indication of successful trigger.
    Buy this if you feel lazy or need to switch off something really far away.
  • Great concept! OK implementation

    posted by lejige

    Very nice and useful concept. Has a wide IR range (though that probably also depends on your remote controller). I use the unused buttons on my TV's remote control for the on/off switch of the units i bought.
    I got two of these. Though mine are a but temperamental (sometimes won't turn off), I think they're ok overall. I would still get a couple more.
    If you need some simple wireless on/off switch and you have spare buttons on your remote controller that you seldom use, this is a nice item for you.
  • Good enough

    posted by klebb

    Better than SKU: 12902 (it was burn out), more solid more powerful.
    When turn on I used remote with IR command from last IR AC SKU: 12902 and it works fine. But I disassembled it for been integrated in the AC extension to power on|off it.
    Works for me. But I disassembled it for been integrated in the AC extension to power on|off it. And I use top cover from SKU: 12902 because it has white colour.
  • Excellent remote switch

    posted by cURLybOi

    Good working rangeReliable relay switchGood wall mountable boxEasy to taky apart and embed
    It's as simple as it could be. Two wires go inside, to wires go outside. L is phase, N is null carrier. The remote comes with a battery inside. No battery is needed for the switch as it is powered from the electricity.Keep in mind that when embedding to a power extender, there is no connector for the ground wire, you will need to connect input and output ground wires directly.
    At last I can turn on/off my projector and sound system without getting up from my couch! I embeded this to a power extender.

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