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remote ac controller Customers Reviews

  • Muy buen producto

    posted by miallende

    Muy buen packaging (seguro para el producto), muy buen material de construccion. Buena Iluminacion y buen funcionamiento. El cargador para auto es una excelente oportunidad para cargar la luz de emergencia en cortes prolongados.
    En lineas generales el producto es muy bueno, bien presentado y buen funcionamiento.
    Recomendable para techos altos y para evitar que se enciendan en cortes de luz de dia, dejando la autonomia para la noche.
  • Does de job

    posted by bteles

    Good finish. Looks nice.Appropriated for table or wall lighting.It has a strong glass and looks more resistant than other models, that's why it's more expensive.
    I thought the light was stronger, but I'm still satisfied.
    If you're looking for a better finish and resistance, this is a good choice.If you're looking for beautiful and shining colors, it's not the best cost-benefit.
  • Usefull tool when it works

    posted by Grebbler

    This gizmo will tell me audibly and visually how the remote is doing from several feet away. Much better than my old method of testing which was a piece of paper with a strip of IR sensitive coating that produced a faint flash when a remote was pointed at it within a few inches of the paper(no longer sold anywhere I can find). The circuit board is labeled and seemed well made.
    I didn't pay close attention to the power prongs or I would have bought a European to USA power adapter to go with it. If it beeps and stops when you plug it in then it should be good to go. If it beeps steady then it's in some kind of loop and you have to unplug it for a bit or short the prongs together, while unplugged, to bleed the large capacitor in the circuit before it will work again.
    I need to test hotel TV remotes often to see if they are dead, have bad or worn buttons or have not been programmed, yet (I get them in batches from the supplier un-programmed).
    A working and programmed remote/button will sound a chirp at a constant rate as my remotes send repeat commands when a button is held down.
    A non-programmed remote gets a longer chirp or 'burp' that dies out as the button is held.
    A dead remote, of course, gets nothing.
    All in all, I like it and it's a time saving tool for me. I may get another to see if it has a design flaw or what.
  • Stable big heli.

    posted by sindrg

    -Stable even when hoovering a few cm above ground. -Just found out that it is powerful enough to lift GoPro 2 (without protective case) but you have to do some modding to fit the GoPro underneath. -Controller can change between modes-Good range -Easy to use straight from the box.
    I thought it would be difficult going from the v911 to this one but as long as you got used to the slow reaction in the controller, its not that bad. The v911 is allot more playful but i have not dared to test the v913 to its full capacity yet.
    Its a fun and good chopper for its price. The extra batteries that you can buy from DX is smaller than the one included, but some electric tape around the battery fixed that issue. Now these days, I cant wait to get home from work to get the bird up in the air and enjoy the sound and sight of the v913 doing flyby's, while humming the Airwolf theme.
  • Good to use

    posted by abadaue

    Pretty colors that can be chosen by the remote control. There are three types of color strength. Weak, medium and strong. the remote control you can turn on and off the lamp. making it much easier, you do not need to get up from the chair or bed to turn off the light.
    bought to color therapy. well there are various colors and degrading the color is very interesting. and the response of the remote is fine quick.
    if you have a large room, I recommend you buy both of these. I use it in a luminaire next to my bed and I'm satisfied with the result.


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