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  • Great Protector

    posted by gsrnadeem

    Great protector for great price.Giving 4 since mine was missing the screen, but DX resolve my issue.Easy to install, and well designed for Nokia 920.Couldn't evaluate the screen protector since I didn't receive it, but over all looks pretty and protects my Nokia.
    I had an issue with the flash for the camera as every picture had a glowing around it. I solve this issue by coloring the edges around the camera and the flash, and now it is working fine.It would be good to isolate the flash and the camera or remove the edge between the camera and the flash in the protector.
    Great one for the phone.
  • This is a nice cover all case that fits snugly

    posted by slimgym

    This is a nice snug fitting case that covers the sides and back but leaves the controls uncovered. The case is slightly thinner where the controls are so you don't have to dig deep to operate them. The case leaves the bottom uncovered so if you have the D-A adaptor it will fit this phone (some have three openings so the D-A adaptor will not fit). As the case covers the back and sides it is perhaps a pro that you are not showing off your phone and perhaps being a target for theft.
    I like this case, I don't feel the need to show the phone off but I do want to protect it and keep it new looking. It is a shame the iPhone 5 is so beautiful yet so fragile with the aluminium back that it really needs an all over case to protect it.
    Is still a great price, perhaps a greater price if less had been spent on the packaging for POS use.
  • My favorite

    posted by maribluft

    This is my favorite case (I have about six). It is really thin and light, preserving the slim character of the phone. The protection from dust is perfect, for it reaches the crease between body and screen.
    I can't understand the "handwritten" text on the back. If you do, please tell me! :-)
    Very good for everyday use, for heavier situations, I have a sturdier one ;-)
  • Very good! All round protection

    posted by arhiramatsu

    Very good quality material. The silicone side adhesives feel very good to touch and hold your phone.The back adhesive also looks good and resistant.Overall, it gives a good look to your phone.
    I think they should have made a single piece of plastic/silicon to cover the sides, and another to cover the back.
    Worth your money, you'll not feel disappointed once you get to successfully apply all the numerous pieces of plastic.
  • Great protection

    posted by Jmartinezs

    Ultra thin and light, the phone does not feel heavier or bigger. Great price and it includes a waterproof pouch. it fits perfectly and it is ease to fit on the phone.
    I haven´t tried the waterproof pouch, but it seems only valid for minor water splashes...
    Worth to get it. The price is unbeatable and it fits perfectly on the brand new iphone 5.


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