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You can find fashionable relay 4 channel at a low price. Welcome to DX, a worldwide electronic accessories retailer and wholesaler. Browse the products from arduino 4 channel, or some other related Pages like 2.4ghz 4 channel. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.
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relay 4 channel Customers Reviews

  • Excellent value for money

    posted by Hendrik24051972

    This relay has an easy and understandable layout. It activates the relays on "high trigger", which I find useful for my applications.
    I wish I had bought the 8 Channel version instead of the 4 Channel. I'm using this one for 1 month, and I already have a destination for each of the 4 relays.I like this module, really works as designed.
    This is value for money. If you want relay functionality for your Arduino, then this is the relay-module you need.
  • Works fine

    posted by tylernt

    Standard 4-channel relay board. Has transistors for the relay coils, and flyback diode protection. Relays close on HIGH signal, just as you would expect.
    Board draws 3mA with no relays closed. Each relay coil draws about 80mA when activated. Red "power" indicator, green relay indicators.
    Not sure what more I can say about it? It's a standard 4-channel relay board.
  • Excellent four channel control module - Easy to use - Very practical

    posted by EdTronique

    I've used some much more expensive computer controlled modules in the past that were similar to this but this one beats them all for quality to price. Can easily be adapted to most computer interfaces and also easily controlled by an Arduino or Raspberry PI etc. Easy to configure and control with a program or Arduino.
    Great 4 channel domestic voltage control module. Including a one page manual of operation could be a welcome addition - for $.50 cents extra if needed.
    Unbeatable for quality to price.A must have module for gadget users.
  • Costs less than the individual components

    posted by spookydonut

    All the joints are well soldered, no dry or cracked joints.Terminals for the relays are marked NO/NC on the silkscreening.The circuit design is pretty robust, with the external power supply for driving the relays, you only need a few milliamps to switch all the way up to 10A 250VAC or 30V DC.
    If you don't like or need this specific circuit and want to spin your own, expect to pay ~$20 for the relays alone.
    Use it or strip it for parts, either way this is a great value purchase.
  • Cheap power control board with relays.

    posted by algspd

    It is cheap for what it does (the board, relays, resistors, transistors, leds... are far more expensive than this board).It is very easy to use, for example, with an arduino to switch on-off a light bulb.
    The relays are a bit slow so dont use this for high-performance requiring projects.Leds may be annoying if you use this for lightning projects, but you can easily desolder them.
    Use this por power-management homemade projects.


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