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  • Works well - as advertised

    posted by ledsmoke

    A true constant current board that accepts a voltage up to a full Li-ion battery of 4,2 or a little higher for the exotic flavours of batteries.Also good with 3*AA rechargeables but dont expect to get the full 2,8A to the led.Dont use with two Li-ion batts though. It will cook and burn and fail and it will smell. Dont ask how i know ;-)
    Versatile and powerful but does not have enough low and medium modes for modern high powered flashlights.
    Great little boards.
  • very good reliable driver

    posted by armitatz

    - easy to use- easy to solder- delivers 1.4A to led- 1 mode perfect for simple designs and retrofitting in old lights.
    easy to solder. small diameter fits in many old lights. perfect for updating old lights. straightforward use. no problems with soldering. I used it for an xml led and it delivers 1.4Amps to the led. The use was with no problems and the driver works without geting too hot.
    nice driver. veru useful. easy to use. I expect a 1-mode 2.0A version...
  • Good driver

    posted by kevmeister

    The driver is cheap and easily convertable to single mode. Output is good for my divelight project.Its small and fits my lighthead(26mm) perfect.Input voltage range is wide.Overall good driver.
    It would be nice if the wires to led are already soldered on and the driver is shrinkwrapped.
    Really nice driver for the money. I ordered 2 more for my next projects.
  • Just working and tiny driver

    posted by Happyguy

    - Great! I am really positively surprised as it is indeed what I have wished to get
    - Very small, fits into the smallest DIY projects
    - Doesn't get very hot. This is very important for me
    @DX: Please reduce price for the Bulk Rate of this item. If someone is needing one of these the price is ok, but if you need 10 of them because the current is not very high, than the price is not attractive.
    I can recommend these with my one week experience with this item.
    Here are the spezifications of the drivers I received in April 2009:
    Environment: 240V AC, 1x CREE XR-E P4 (SKU3475)
    Measured Voltage: 3.4V
    Measured Current: 650mA
  • 3*7135 chips

    posted by espimones

    7135 chipsRegulatedMemoryReal output advertised
    This regulator drive out fairly steadily 1.4 amps. in max. mode.Exactly: 1.35 in high mode, 0.4 in middle, 0.6 in low (fluctuating in sos and fast strobe modes).I have put it, working together with a 16 mm alu base Cree R5 led in my Trustfire TR-801, and it bright now 25%-30% more than the original Cree Q5 led, giving a really flood light!According Cree data sheets, Cree R5 can hold up 1,5 mA, so this regulated circuit is perfect to this led. Other drivers that can only drive up 1000 Ma, will give 25% less light tan this.
    I recommend it

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