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You may find that it is quite easy to purchase refurbished gsm here and you can save money at the same time. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.

refurbished gsm Customers Reviews

  • Excellent phone

    posted by sardinita

    Almost a year ago that I have, that was when I made the order here, in www.dx.com and has not given me problems and it is the one I use now, because I really like the products of this brand.It is a mobile good, as you already know, and the sound is fantastic
    It is worth, it compensates .This phone in the year 2005, which if I remember correctly, was the year that came out for sale, costing around 300 euro, that change will be 260 dollars
    Excellent and cheap product in www.dx.com
  • Its a mp3-phone!

    posted by 266775777

    – Body. Solid and firm. Has player-buttons on side– Display. Fully colored and very bright on sun– Ext.Sound. Loud and very clear.– Headphones sound. Very detailed and with nice low frequencies. – Interface. As in all nokia - usable and intuitive.– Dimensions. Small and very slim. Can be held in pocket.– Battery. 860mAh. can live for two days of quite intensive usage.– EDGE modem is fast enough for surfing– Java support. Used for icq, browser opera and games– Able to run a 3d-based games or applications
    Very light phone with high-quality sound, easy to use mp3player and nice display.
  • So much standby time for so little money!

    posted by Janvaris

    Needed a phone with a very long standby and low price, in case I drop it, when working on hights. There it is! About ten days of standby time at moderate call times, lightweight and small, to drop in the pocket.
    Cheap, simple, small, and long standby. I needed that and if you need it too - there it is.
    If you need phone for calling and no gimmics - there is one - good reception, loud ringtones, good soud quality and long battery time due to lack of unnecessary gimmics, like colour display and camera.
  • Cheap bomb-proof

    posted by timtak

    Fine at this price. The phone itself is very robust.
    Work fine and even the battery life is long. I found it difficult to turn the phone on. The on off button is on the side of the phone (at the top I think) rather than the usual power button somewhere near top right on the front of the phone.
    Buy one if you want a dirt cheap phone but since second hand bear in mind there may be a shorter product life.
  • Nice phone only for voice calls

    posted by 266775777

    5000 has a light weight, small dimensions, stable network connection, convinient keyboard, strong and durable body and pretty design. Also battery providing 3-4 days without charging the phone.
    Phone that I used for two years is now used by my colleagues and there is no improper functioning, all works as it should
    Need cheap but stable cellular phone as in an additional to your smarphone? Buy this, you never lose connection to other people ))))

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