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  • Great sight for the price

    posted by ArgRaiker

    Everything works, windage and elevation adjustment, zoom adjustment and illumination controls.Very clear in all zoom levels. Mildot is not my favorite, but works.
    Had to remove part of the iron sights on a Norinco JW25 to fit this scope, BE AWARE, IT IS BIG! if buying separate mounts you need elevated mounts
    Very good purchase, i've shot at least 400 .22lr on my carbine with no problems (had to re-center but that was my fault for fiddling with the knobs).
  • Excellent

    posted by aekrusty

    Red and green dot. Brightness adjustment works perfectly, and is useful. When it's dark, you really need to adjust it very dim and in a bright daylight it needs to be adjusted bright and this works really well. The parallax (I'm not sure if the name is right) is perfect meaning that the dot stays perfectly on the same spot no matter from what angle you look it at. Easy to mount, mounts on a standard RIS/RAS/20mm rail. Easy to adjust and the adjustment screws are so nice. They make "click" sounds when turning the screws which is really nice when you need to adjust it very precisely. Also the adjustment works perfectly. Very fast aiming. When I shoulder my gun, I can instantly see the dot and the target so it's very fast to aim with this. Comes with ruber lens covers
    Great looks for the price, in my country, Brazil, is not got one like this to not less than 100 dollars.Buy without fear, it's worth!
    Real pity that is already gone.
  • Great laser sight

    posted by saintje

    - It's both red and green.- You can adjust the brightness of the dot. They both have 5 different levels- You can adjust where the dot points at- It's both for 11 and 20 mm rail (depending on how you attach it)- Battery that comes with it last quite some time. I often forget to twist it off after use, and still the battery lasted me 4 months.- Build quality seems okay. Don't know how it holds on a real firearm, but with my air riffle it works like a charm.
    It would be nice if it had a separate on/off button on top, or some kind of switch. I tend to forget to twist it off.
    Nice reflex scope. Gives my riffle a more tactical look.
  • Just got it this week

    posted by redwolf

    This is a very well manufactured copy of common airsoft and real gun reflex sights. It appears to have decent fit and finish and has a well pronounced dot and came with a spare battery allen wrenches and cover
    Going to mount in on a semi auto 12 gauge shotgun this week to test it thoroughly
    If I get it to hold zero and adjustment during the test. I'll buy more but I bet it's a great airsoft accessory!
  • Great red dot for the price

    posted by FrankBob

    it have 11 settings for the lighting and I have no problem using the red dot during the day. The scope have received some paintball hit and have not broke.Easy to clean due to the lens cover.Played in small rain 2 or 3 time and it is still workingBattery life time is good, just don t forget to close it when you have finish for the day. Newbie at the paintball field are scared when they see a red dot.
    I use this scope only for paintball. It has received direct hit and still work.Like already said, I received the red dot in 1.5 weeks in Canada without any surprise fee
    Ok I have already posted some info about this red dot in the discussion last year so I have now done a review.I have got another red dot that was an open one and I still prefer this red dot. I recommend this red dot for any guys that want to put a cheap (for the price) but still good red dot to is paintball gun.Also some people show me their red dot, I show them mine, found that mine have more feature... and was upset when I tell them the price under 30$ compared to 80$.Finally the killing question: is the red dot good for paintball.I like to use it for aiming, it help me but a lot of other paintballer dont use a red dot and are better then me.


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