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It's very convenient for you to find the refills electronic smoke you want at our online shop. As the number 1 cool gadgets provider, DX provides and delivers high quality products from China, worldwide. DX provides a secure and comfortable shopping environment.

refills electronic smoke Customers Reviews

  • Great Product

    posted by jthia

    Solid built, simple application, relatively cheap.
    Hopefully they will make white color refills, a total white ecig will look extremely classy.
    Shipping took about 3 weeks to arrive, got it in a package form and it was neat. Took it right out of the box and start puffing away. Great product, get a few and start enjoying!!!
  • Best in this price category

    posted by jakubko

    Does it work? YESIt is nice looking.Very nice LED glowing top when smoking.
    I am nonsmoker, this is my first eCig. I need this for magic.Is there any nicotine? I don´t know, I hope not for this sku.
    I recommend, buy another refills for you.
  • Excelent product and quality

    posted by klaus4444

    It's a great help to contribute to quit somoking or at least to decrease the amount of Garrett per day.The quality of the product is Really good and almost I could bet that is't the same quality than an EgoT originalThe sensation of the real cigarette is almost the same with the proper advantages.
    If you are trying to stop smoking this is a great option, in my personal experience thanks this I stop smoking, and several close friends did the same or at least they decrease the amount of cigarette in a 75%
    I personally recommend this product, unfortunately this product is quietecomplicated to get in my country because the laws, but if you have the cahnce to buy it, do it, it's a great option
  • Really cool item

    posted by action-corp

    - It's really easy to use: just charge the battery with one of the chargers inside (one has a wire, the other is just a small piece - good for travel - both are USB).- After you charge, just attach the atomizer and a cartridge and have fun!- I really got that nicotine feeling from the high level nicotine cartridge... never got another lever to try.- Comes with USB to Eletric charger converter and USB to car charger converter. I mean, you can charge on your car, on eletricity or on a USB Port... SWEET *_*
    It would be nice
    It's a nice medium quality item for e-cigs starters :)
  • A good one

    posted by skedarcorp

    Cheap, good quality, a good product to stop smoking, have a lot of refils and favors to sellMuito barato, qualidade excelente, e recomendado para quem procura uma maneira para parar de fumar, os refis vendem aqui na DX e tem diversos sabores, com e sem nicotina.
    only 1~2hrs in usb charger, and 6~8hrs smokingApenas 1~2hrs no carregador, e funciona umas 6~8 horas de uso
    you need buy refils, but is cheap too.precisa sempre comprar os refis mas são baratos e duram bastante.

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