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refill strawberry flavor

If you want to purchase refill strawberry flavor, this is your best place to buy it. DX is the leading electronic products provider in the world where millions of people shop daily. DX offers you low prices, high quality and free shipping.

refill strawberry flavor Customers Reviews

  • Great tasting.

    posted by Nialla

    Great taste, everyone i have let try this flavor agrees this one is the bets around, easy to use and the price is awesome for the amount and quality.
    I have played around with so many diffrent flavors, not knowing and wondering what yuyan was i ordered one when it arrived in the mail i loved it !! so much actually more than any other flavor i have ordered so i reordered a lot more so i will not run out anytime soon.
    Order these if you want a cartride with super long life and great taste. i will def be bouying lots more of these in the future.
  • tastes kinda good but if have yoo much can make you feel sick

    posted by boon33224

    Smells good and doesn't disturb others. You can use it almost anywhere. You can do a long drag and get a lot of smoke coming out too. Also the price is very cheap :)
    The cartridges color looks funny in green. Seems more like a toy, but doesn't attract people sight.
    If you enjoy smoking but you hate the smell, you should try this.
  • Amazing flavor and quality

    posted by felipequintanna

    amazing strawberry milk flavoramazing quality filters, they do have a little sponge inside to voide dropping too much liquid on the atomizerthey last a lot with nice smoke feeling
    they fit nice on any e cigarette color is nice and build quality is amazing
    it worths every peny anyway they are cheap and nice, you can used to smoke at any time due to they do not have nicotine
  • This one is the best!

    posted by consortium32

    Tastes really good, it has a fruity flavor of strawberry just as advertised. It gives out a lot of smoke comparing to other refills.
    The color of the cartridges are pink which is kind of weird but it matches the fruity flavor quite well so I guess it's okay.
    I've tried the Red Bull and the Blackberry refills but they were pretty disappointing to me. This one, on the other hand, is excellent. If you like sweet and fruity flavor of a strawberry, get this one.
  • Let's Stop Smoking

    posted by tunckayhan

    + It's very simple to you+ It have a good box to carry with+ It's has all the equipments in the box.+ It gives a good vapour and taste when inhaling.+ It has enough extra cardridges for months.+ It has a good price and best priced in DX.com
    You must be careful while using atomizers. Don't push the button longer than 3 seconds. Or it will be burnt. And buy extra liquid while buying this.
    Use it a month or 2 then you can stop smoking easily. This package can go with almost 1 or 2 weeks.

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