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  • pricey but useful

    posted by zhoen

    First of all: The light works!!! the LED are bright enough, the laser works, is is hard to not to see the bike at night. The quality is also better than others
    The lamp has several mode of blinking, wich is good!
    I like it, but I feel it a little bit overpriced.
  • Exactly what you would expect

    posted by arkore

    This is exactly as you would expect. I had an old Ford Escort 1979 Mk2 where the red plastic of the break lights had faded to almost clear. These lights completely restored the red break light quality.
    It appears there is limited driving electronics so the lifetime may not be as long as the LED manufacturers specifications. However, it should last at least as long as a standard halogen bulb.
    For the price this is an excellent way to restore the red colour to the break lights of your car. If you are legally required to have this then this option is far cheaper than replacing the whole light fixture.
  • Nice light

    posted by DOMINUSetDEUS

    For this price this is a nice light. I can not complain, because it works and looks as it is described in the specifications. I must admit that I am suprised that I also recieved two batteries too. It is well visible light and the lighting modes are good. . .
    The button for turning on the light works good and the lighting modes are changing while you are pressing the button...
    My advice is to buy this product if you are not a professional biker and if you dont want to spend alot of money on the red led light. For this price I got more than I expected...
  • Cheap and works perfectly

    posted by marie32

    Cheap, made of durable material, works perfectly and keeps you safe on your bike. The front light is very bright and the back light has a number of different lighting settings.
    The back light being scratched did not bother me. I was more concerned about it working and it did. For this price a few scratches is a small price to pay.
    These lights work perfectly, and would cost a fortune in a bike shop. They are completely fit for purpose and I would definitely recommend them.
  • nice, easy, useful, not to big, nor to small

    posted by djonah

    - these bags are nicely designed. The inside has nice dividers to put everything in the bag in a orderly fashion and everything stays put inside the bag, so no rattles from gear getting thrown all over the place- concerning size: they are just right! there is place for 1 to 2 inner tubes, a multitool, some tire levers and some other junk like small lights and a cookie or whatever
    they are not the cheapest ones on dx, but glad that I got this one. I chose this one because of the fact the bag opens in the back so stuff can't fall out of the bag.On top of this, this bag is worth the money. Local bikeshops would charge more than double for less!AWESOME!

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