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  • Very useful but eats through batteries like a cham

    posted by beaaaaaahs

    This is a velcro strap with blinking red LEDs. I use it to keep my pants away from my bicycle, which is notorious pants-chewer, and now my pants are safe.
    The lights are visible from a nice distance and draw a lot of attention (which is important when night riding)
    The tiny button battery supplied with the strap ran out in 20 hours of use time. Luckily I bought another set of 5 on the site - sku.34712
    This is to be expected since they are so small, but I wish the designers used a rechargeable battery instead - batteries are hard to recycle.
    Very useful and helps you keep safe.
  • Beautiful Android figure!

    posted by frikou

    Is really really cuteThe build quality is very goodIt glows in darkIs very good for girls and for guys too but specially for girls
    The Green and the blue ones are somehow prettier, but this one is really cute to give away to a girl friend.If you are an Android fan I totally recomend you getting at least one of there or the green or blue versions
    Buy it, you won't regret it, is very cute.
  • Good quality. Works well.

    posted by jsec1992

    Thick and sturdy cord. The black thing used to adjust the cord's tighness grips well. The rubber hoops at the end is also adjustable and tightens well around the glasses frame.
    Perhpas more colours can be offered? The black thing used to adjust the cord's tightness may accidentally slip off. Perhaps it can be designed not to slip off? Alternatively, te vendor can offer a spare (at no extra cost)?
    Great value. I can these at slightly lower price in Singapore but quality is nowhere near this product.

    posted by deehtx

    I just LOVED IT!Great gadget. Works really well and fits in any DSLR that have the hole in the bottom.Its adjustable and sticks perfectly to the camera.The cushion is very confortable and EVA on the neck is barely unnoticed.
    Can use in my gopro as well, so i'm happy :)
    Just perfect!Recommended to every professional photographer and amateur photographer as well
  • Well, It's a shoulder strap and it's cheap..

    posted by AndersPins

    It feels very sturdy and does what it's supposed to do. The build quality seems quite good and the material is of good quality. It also comes with a nylon strap so you can attach it to your neck to prevent neckdrop.
    I would recommend buying a lock or two so you do not have to take them on and off, as I think this will wear the ends out earlier than nescessary.

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