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  • it is really good and well built, it looks nice at night.

    posted by shagraey

    the strip is really resistant, long live battery especially couse it only turns on when u touch the screen. i have used it several times under the rain and its still working perfectly. the screen looks nice and its very responsive, maybe too much but not a problem.
    im totally satisfyied with this watch, its so much better than i imagined, it has many options but its a bit complicated to navegate.
    nice to give as a present, cool style. people will look at it.
  • juhhoo001

    posted by juhhoo001

    + Easy to use. + Easy to install. + Contact gopro tight. + Really cheap.
    Toimiva ja laadukas goproon kiinnike. Toimii minun goprossa joka on gopro hero 3 white edition. Melkein sama asia kun aito gopro tarrakiinnike.
    If you want to buy these high quality with the velcro strap. These are really cheap and works the same way as the originals. I recommend to all work with the gopro.Fasteners took the dove in the water with that all by 3 meters. Fasteners was when my diving glasses on. Clip starts off well and does not leave stains after dismounting.
  • Used as a red filter for flashlight

    posted by BZW22

    Comes with protective case and inside a protective plastic liner to help keep dust and stuff off it.
    Is a nice true red (not some horrible orange).
    Good thickness (2mm).
    Can be cut to the size of a flashlight lens and used to filter out other wavelengths (380nm thought to about 630nm)
    Large enough to make at least 3 lenses from a single piece for p60 hosts.
    If this is going to be used on a torch then I suggest you find a very bright torch to use it with, as even a fairly well focused XML driven at around 2.4A when focused though this filter is still duller then the ~60 lumen red Cree drop-in that comes with SKU:20333.
    Nice, good quality red filter. For what it is the price could be lower but then again it does include shipping.
    There is very little to say about such a basic item, thus why I am writing this rather pointless sentence.
  • Good protection, great price

    posted by davmend

    It is a cool armor that you can give any use you like.-I wear it to ride motocrossl, it looks good like a pro.-light off road motocross.I'm 1.72 and it fits very well.It is a cool armor that you can give any use you like.
    just what i needed
    For the price, , you should buy it.similar product are found for twice the price.everything is well done and attached
  • Great Light

    posted by cozzycovers

    This light is extremely bright.The build quality is solid.Wavelength most likely around 635.It's must be at least 2000lm (I'm sure its more). Though you have to take into account Lumen is not the right measurement for red light.
    This driver works well with the light and stays cool: 156230. I used this reflector but your going to have to cut off 2 of the guides (not hard) 39963. I also used this lens works great if you need to focus the light it has a large spread:13569. The labeling on the package says 625 to 635 I think. the color is a orange red. but for sure more red than orange. Which makes me think it could be 625-635nm. I got this as a joke for a back light on a bike but its even too bright for that. Don't Look into the light!
    Get this if you want a super bright red light and very low energy. This is not a blood red, its has more orange.

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