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You can easily find the latest low priced red silver usb offered at our online shop. DX has an excellent returns and exchange policy to protect our customer's rights, providing a secure shopping environment. DX provides a secure and comfortable shopping environment.

red silver usb Customers Reviews

  • Fast, useful and light weight

    posted by PedroPAparicio

    It's a wonderful flash memory, it's fast, cheap, useful and very confortable to take them with your keys so you always keep with yourself without any problem. The material built is strong and it's enough to stay with your keys with no damages. And the price is so good.
    I hope soon DX add this product within 3.0 USB
    If you want to keep movies or series or important data pretty close to yourself this is the best idea and it's safety because it's strong and small, no more large than a normal key.
  • I really like this mouse!

    posted by Brenerj

    I really like this mouse. I bought to my sister, and she like it.This one doesn’t have the Apple logo. And I think that’s good. Don’t really like the logo.The build quality is very good; better the ones that use to have the apple logo. I already came with the batteries. That’s good, because you can use instantly. It really works 10 meters, not like other that work just close to the receptor.The receptor is very tiny, just put it, and forget, don’t need to remove every time you move you computer.
    Like i said, really like this mouse!
  • boguth

    posted by boguth

    Low price, quality exterior is good. It runs a couple of large concrete speakers, decent sound for the price.The design appeals to many of my friends.
    Looks fun, surprisingly good sound for such a small radio. .
    A little disappointed with the tuner, but it looks nice and the sound is ok.
  • Quality product and good price.

    posted by blognuar

    Cheap product with great value for money. Good power. High volume. Low Distortion audio. Entries varied forms: P2, RCA, SD / MMC Card and USB. Stereo output. Remote very useful.
    Product arrived in just over 30 days. Came well packed in bubble plastic and box. The box was a bit dented but no major damage to the product. I work with music and audio, and really liked the sound quality. The LEDs are also a good ornament and blink often as the pulse of the music. It will help a lot when you hear the audio of www.blognuar.com
    Worth the price charged for it. It has the lowest cost of the market but it's good.
  • Great music box!

    posted by jamar

    One of the best sounding music players of that size I've had in my hands. It's small, well built and after some time easy to use. Also the battery (standard Nokia-like BL-5C type, so it's easy to buy and replace) can keep the device playing for amazingly long time. It's definitely worth of its price.
    I think that international shops like DX should sell products with at least English localization. I mean for me it was no big deal and it was a bit of fun to find the right way to flash this device, but ordinary users probably won't manage to find the correct firmware on chinese pages and the way to flash it and will be disappointed with this otherwise good product.
    To set this player to English language, you have to go to main menu, select the most right icon (the one with wrench - settings), then select the third item from the top and then select second item (English). If you have only one item here, you'll have to flash your device with newer firmware to get English language. This firmware can be only found in Chinese version of manufacturer's website - http://www.hb2099.com/

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