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  • Funny little rascal!

    posted by Daywalker1

    Handy product, very mobile, and can be put in your backpack without taking up a lot of room. Fun toy for children, a handy item for the hiker and survivalist. And any fisherman knows the value of backup gear.
    Any outdoorsy person can enjoy this one way or the other. Fishing line is not included, and it does not take anywhere near 100 meters, but at this size, the about 20-25 meters it takes is more than enough.
    Nothing more to say really, whip it out and wait for a bite!
  • Good quality tool

    posted by janneaare

    Metal constructionStoppersQuality
    Well assembled, metal body, follow Focus. It fits to the 15mm rig perfectly and is fairly easy to adjust to smooth operation. You just place one of the supplied gear rings to your lens, tighten the focus unit in place and use. There are two stoppers for setting the near and far points of focus and they work like a dream. If only you could adjust the speed of the focus to suit different situations.
    Surely the best Follow Focus for the money
  • Traffic baton

    posted by cherries241

    Perfect light for directing traffic. Small enough to fit in a pocket but large enough and bright enough to be seen easily. Magnet allows for it to be stuck onto your car to alert drivers. The red led lights are very bright and go 360 degrees around the baton. For the price its unbeatable.
    Easily the best light for the purpose of directing traffic or flagging someone down. The greenlight doesn't really have a purpose but for the price it doesn't really matter.
  • Very good product, the smaller I could find

    posted by hiroaki

    This is a very good fishing rod. Very good quality, and for a good price. The ones we have here in Brazil are much more expensive. And looks like this one has more quality. I already used for fishing 3 or 4 times, and it worked very well for small fishes whitout any problem. I am not sure how much is the max bearing, but should be fine. The carrying bag is very useful to protect your fishing rod when you are not using. Very good materials even in the bag and the tip.
    I think Deal Extreme should offer more options in Fishing Gear section. I didn't have much options in fishing rod, but this one should be the best option. Price / Quality.
    This is a very good fishing rod. You should have one if you like fishing.

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