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  • Get two for every car

    posted by rjluehrs

    * folds up small. * unfolds into stable shape. * brighter than blinking/hazard car lights. * never runs out of batteries. * good price.
    When you break down: 1) Turn on car flashers, watch for traffic. 2) Put on reflective vest and ankle strap. 3) Walk 40 steps, unfold first triangle. 4) Walk another 40 steps, unfold 2nd triangle.Reflection uses power of oncoming headlights; actually brighter than flares or car blinkers.
    Every car needs a break-down kit, and your safety has to come first. Get a reflective vest, reflective ankle strap, and *2* of these reflective triangles. Might find one cheaper somewhere, but this is good quality at good price!
  • Better than trailer reflectors

    posted by M0RGION

    Sticks on easy.Reflects pretty well.Looks decent.Somewhat wide angle of reflection.Big and noticeable.
    If you need some serious reflectability, consider slapping on a multiple of these and/or mixing and matching these with e.g. trailer reflectors. On their own they seem to be kind of weak, although better than some $5 trailer reflectors I bought from a car parts store. They are big and noticeable, so could serve other purposes apart from the simple reflector duty.It is yet to be seen how well the glue holds in outdoor uses (which the stickers are meant for, after all). It seems kind of flimsy, so for extra durability it could be beneficial to add some extra glue or double-sided tape underneath the reflector sticker before applying.Whether or not the glue damages the clear coat and/or paint underneath is also to be seen. Whether or not the stickers fade over time is yet to be seen. For the price, though, you can afford to swap these once in a while, in case they start fading etc.
    Roughly on par with bicycle reflectors. Better than trailer reflectors. Durability and glue quality is still open as of now.
  • Good product

    posted by jlmayofe

    It's a good product. It works great. It's easy to use. It has three positions, steady, rapid and normal blinking light. It looks good the dog at night. And it's nice. Also, the battery goes pretty well camouflaged and not too noticeable.
    It took two months to arrive. Without any explanation. Then I found out by other means that Spanish's custom is delaying shipments with lithium batteries. DX could have told me, not shut up
    Nothing to say
  • Useful, but doesn't stick well

    posted by jablan

    Cheap, 10 pieces are lot (of course, depending on what do you use it for). Quite reflective.
    I used this to improve visibility of my bicycle, and it serves the purpose well. I cut it in half, and stick red part towards the rear of the bike, and white part on the front. The white part is more reflective.
    I would recommend this, and probably will buy more when this runs out.
  • Good safety to your car doors

    posted by logifin

    Good color and reflection.Attachment is made with double sided tape. Stick very well.
    Must have to every car door. If you are in bad lighting conditions and your door is open helps another driver to see you door.Best surface to this is metal but plastic car door is okay too it doesn't fall away from it.
    You dont have any reflector on your car door? Buy IT!Does it job good and makes your car little bit safer.


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