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red power Customers Reviews

  • Awesome bicycle rear light!

    posted by hansi001

    * Solarpanel and internal battery, so almost no need to charge it from USB, unless you ride at night and park your bike in a garage with the light on the bike.* More then bright enough.* VERY small and lightweight!* 3 very useful modes (I use the movement-mode the most with blinking from left to right).* Good looking* High quality materials (see cons)* Waterresistant. I have left it outside on my bike since the day I got it, and there is no sign of water getting in anywhere.* Fast charging from USB (1-2 hours)* Long battery duration on movement-mode (have not tested the other modes much).
    This is the absolute best buy I have ever done here at DX, and I'm going to order an extra light for my kid.This light is more than bright enough, durable and high quality. If you have a bike, you're mad NOT to buy one. I'm not joking! And dude! Look at the price!
    This is by far the best product I have bought on DX. The packaging is SUPER nice, the build quality is SUPER and my overall experience with this product is nothing but perfect!
  • The Best !

    posted by bennybl

    On this product ther are no reviews , so i'll be the first one...i bought to products , this one and SKU 15985 .the 15985 is good , but not as good as this one !it's small and can be hidden under the seat.It's a good product - does what it meant to do . Vary easy to mount - toke me less then a minute.Small but vary bright !
    Comes with three vacuum pads to attach it to the window.
    I'm more then happy with this one ! it gives the same affect as those for 60$.If you are looking for front window strob light for your car - buy this one.
  • Lightweight and small fish floats that light good

    posted by tistedalbilpleie

    Lightweight and small fish floats that light up well. Very simple design with two caps composed of battery and led light inside. Attached to the fishing line is in the bottom with a slightly unwise solution with a flexible end. The weight of this fish float is very light so no casting plug, but a normal float with light.
    With a different attachment method that this has, so had this fish float been absolutely the best. Sure it's easy to modernize it and the price is not high either so why not.
    If one needs a fishing float that glow quite strongly and that one does not need to cast very far out with, this might help at night fishing because this fish float are verry easy to see in the dark.
  • Exactly what I want.

    posted by lowsaltnpepper

    The price is cheap.It can switch on & off by just pushing the Red button. (3Amp fuse inside) The quality is good. It's quite small & handy.
    This is exactly what I want; I am taking the risk of purchasing this for my Car Cam (Blackvue) cos I don’t know whether it fit in the 1st place & don’t really know what the specification means.(Only by looking at the pictures) Now it fit well & able to use it.
    Just a very simple device, plug in & use it. No need to pay for installation charges for running the wire for my car cam. For the price, I can even purchase more with no sweat at all. Only shipping takes a bit of my time.
  • Nice outlets

    posted by Manro2002

    Works as expected, after 45 secs of stand by all outlet will be turned off. You need a charge about 5W to trigger outlets on . Build quality is ok, with tick wires inside to handle current properly. Good power cord and firm outlets.
    Master outlet must be always on, so outlets will be triggered by its state.
    Its a nice outlets, but have some limits of usage due to reset. You have to reset every time before use.


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