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  • Funny little rascal!

    posted by Daywalker1

    Handy product, very mobile, and can be put in your backpack without taking up a lot of room. Fun toy for children, a handy item for the hiker and survivalist. And any fisherman knows the value of backup gear.
    Any outdoorsy person can enjoy this one way or the other. Fishing line is not included, and it does not take anywhere near 100 meters, but at this size, the about 20-25 meters it takes is more than enough.
    Nothing more to say really, whip it out and wait for a bite!
  • Great product

    posted by regullini

    This backpack is great. I bought it for a friend´s son. The relation quality price is very good and it looks durable. Size is very good too since it is useful for kids until 5/6. I thought it was more little but I was wrong. The size is perfect. The inner is very good too since looks durable and resistant. I liked very much the zippers are the car wheels and the rubber material they are made
    The kid who I gave it was very happy.
    You won´t regret at all if you buy this for your kid.
  • Very nice Fork & Spoon

    posted by NikitaShvinagir

    Looks very nice. Elegant view and very beautiful chinese design makes it a very good present for any girl or woman. They are very good for desserts or coffee or any other kind of meal after the main one. And they are really portable - tiny but usable.
    I would recommend it. It is very good, not expensive and very beautiful.
  • work it!

    posted by orituk

    is a machine to carry anywhere, so in case of accident with no more worries clothes, use the machine and voila!is lightweight and easy grip to sew, the metal is very good quality so it does not generate feeling that tear easily
    if you take anywhere in a bag is recommended to take it in a case closely, because the wire that leads to the side will come out easily and if given space becomes entangled in the whole machine, so you always have to have it securelymust read and understand very well the instruction manual because the principle is much the basic drawings as well put the thread if you want to change
  • Sturdy Saw

    posted by warlock1212

    A sturdy chain saw. Whit good handles. Rips true Swedish spruces like a hot knife in butter. Comes whit a carrying bag and the chin was heavily oiled and whit out rust. Beats any piano wire saw that i come across.
    I have one in my BOB (Bug Out Bag) and one in my car fore emergency. Use it to cut up a deer i hit whit my car and it was no problem. Watched a similar model on you tube and it was 44 dollars.
    Cheep relatively sturdy saw.

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