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  • Awesome case protector

    posted by kemwek

    Super Slim: Adds almost no bulk to the phone.Looks great: It's a nice and simple design, with a matte finish for those who like an elegant and stylish look like me.Snug fit: It really easy to install and fits perfectly to the phone.
    Leaves the buttons exposed: For me this is a good thing since most of the protective cases I've tried before either makes pressing the buttons too hard or too soft.I have a black galaxy s2 and it looks great with the red case.
    This is a must, it's the best case I've bought so far in terms of design and comfort and for the same price as the other cases I feel it's a great buy.
  • Great sunglass

    posted by overkillx

    I was looking for a sunglass that match well on my face and had an acceptable quality for a fair price. I really liked the design of this sunglasses and the price was cheap, so I decided to buy. I do not regret, because the sunglasses came in a solid package and really has a good build quality.I'm thinking about buying a new one.
    The package is very solid and came with a good flannel to clean it.
    Highly recommended. You should buy one too :)
  • Cheap pack of 9V holders

    posted by 13557

    Versatile cheap 9V battery holders. Very safely insulated from electric shocks from large amperes. Batteries stay solidly connected and don't drop from it. Comes in a set of 10 all of them were in a good condition and I'm very pleased with them and their properties.
    Flexible holder with small AWG wires included for small electric circuit projects.
    Really cheap stainless steel 9V connectors that are hard to come up cheaper than this in a set of 10 if wires broke up or something like that. I recomend this is a good buy.
  • It's a phonecase with a lovely color, what more do we want?

    posted by Zyll

    The pro of this cover is that it actually covers my Xperia T. To be fair, with such a product, that's all I'm asking for. I was pleasantly surprised by the color. I expected something more apple-red, from the pictures, but I really love the deeper, matte-metallic look.
    It has a good fit, it's a nice color, it's $2,50. Couldn't ask for more really.
    I'm very pleased with the case and it fits the phone nicely, though the room for the sidebuttons could have been a little better positioned. As this is my first phonecase ever, I'm not disappointed with the concept and was pleasantly surprised with the color of this case specifically.
  • Great product!

    posted by CharlieBrownBR

    Cheap. Cheap, cheap, cheap! I'm just trying to emphasize this product's greatest feature! OK, the product is pure plastic with only a mechanical part, but it's a VERY cheap product considering it fulfills any expectations you might have about it. We have 4 different brand controllers and they all fit perfectly. The kids have no problem mounting or removing the controller from it. The "B" button works perfectly. All in all, the wheel has a very good built and grip, and works as expected.
    The tone of red it's painted of, is the same tone as Super Mario things, like our own Wii (red series) and its main controller. So it fitted as the perfect pair.
    Great product, great price, very good build. And better yet, great finish! Easy to clean. You can't go wrong with this one!

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