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red plastic lens

You will be surprised our best red plastic lens with an artful design and an amazing price. Customers worldwide including Russia, Brazil, America, Spain all choose DX as their preferred online shopping website. Rest assured by shopping at dx.com.

red plastic lens Customers Reviews

  • Nice looking glasses

    posted by pip34

    In first off all the price. For this much money you will get a nice looking glasses with adequate quality off painting. The construction quality and durability is very good, in fact it is much better than my expectation was.
    Glasses in the glasses are quite transparent so they are definitely not appropriate for sharp summer sun. On the glasses are also mounted silver dots known from original wayfarer which are not shown in the pictures.
    At this price you'll get very nice looking and durable glasses. It's only shame that there are no other colors than red.
  • Great 3D glasses!

    posted by TimothyRuhe

    - Good price.- Good quality, the glasses seems to be pretty strong.- Good size, fit's almost every head.- Most 3D material is made for these colours, red and blue. So there's enough 3D material for these glasses compared to other colours.
    For just 2 dollars these glasses will be delivered from china through your front door, could you aks for more!?
  • good

    posted by vlvlvl

    not bad for this price.
    Good product. but you mast chek the googles. The right risin mast be blue, anr left is green!
    I bought 6 of this, but 3 comes with left is blue. If the left is blue the 3D is not show properly. But DX changed they to properly glasses! It very good job!
    DX send it in short time and in good pckage. it shipping to Ukrine in about 3 weeks.
    it good for this price! This is convenient, simple, and effective. If you do not want to overpay - this is for you!
    Recomend it to buy it.
  • Very nice glasses

    posted by Splodgie

    Needed a pair of 3D Glasses for a film a friend gave me to look at, so sent for a pair of these after looking at all types on DX( only $2.41 at the time and now $1.74, gets better all the time). Watched the film, 3D was perfect no bleading or ghosting at all, and very comfy to wear, Mrs and a Neighbor said the same about them being comfy to wear over what they had used before, Gave my friend the film back and the glasses as a thank you, and as a avid 3D film watcher he raved about the glasses as the best he had ever used and asked me to get him to two more pair's.
    Have not tried any other 3D glasses on DX and have no reason to as these were spot on first time, just liked the look of these and got it right first time. Build quality is good and they seem as if they will last.Hope they work for you if you buy, (Sent for two more pairs).
    Worth the money they cost, 10/10.
  • Great sunglass

    posted by overkillx

    I was looking for a sunglass that match well on my face and had an acceptable quality for a fair price. I really liked the design of this sunglasses and the price was cheap, so I decided to buy. I do not regret, because the sunglasses came in a solid package and really has a good build quality.I'm thinking about buying a new one.
    The package is very solid and came with a good flannel to clean it.
    Highly recommended. You should buy one too :)

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