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You will be surprised our best red pedals with an artful design and an amazing price. We hope every customer enjoys their shopping experience at DX.com. We hope that dx.com can be your prefered online retailer.

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  • Recommended Replacement Pedals

    posted by timtak

    Not at all heavy. Light I would say but I have not weighed them. Bright cheerful colour. Appears well made, with no apparent flaws and robust. Sealed Bearings. Nice box. Double reflectors. Ability to attach clips (but see con).
    My Shimano Deore pedals with their open bearings started to click feel gravelly. A bearing or two had cracked. MY LBS declined to service the bearings. The tool and bearings would have cost me 10 USD plus my labour. I could not be bothered (maybe one day). But replacement pedals are surprisingly expensive typically about 50 USD where I am (Deore pedals now discontinued were 56USD a pair).The sealed bearings do not spin as freely as the open-bearing Deore but they have as little friction in use. I use them with clips on my commute - about 4km at up to about 30kmh.
    Great cost performance.
  • Good Item for Keybord Musicians

    posted by dabov

    This is a foot pedal sold for tattoos.However, application covers others if I think electrically because it is the foot switch with the 6.3mm Phone plug.I looked for a lot of foot switches for my MIDI keyboards.As for one, keyboard pedal. The other is for the start / stops of the sequencer software. Furthermore, scene changes of the digital mixer fader....However, the foot switch of the musical instrument maker (YAM,ROL,KOR,M-AU...) is abnormally expensive.This pedal switch is useful enough My Needs.Having polar automatic inverse Jack for matters that require attention. Or application is turned on, and have off setting. If it is a thing made exclusively for MIDI keyboard and input if it is not a very old thing such as DX (w or JUNO-106, mostly it cope with automatic polarity Jack.If switch-on is off, this is enough.
    Your MIDI keyboard control on foot control, becomes efficiently drastically.Application is possible on a foot keyboard for basses if I make it.It is very valuable shopping.
  • Best for your bike

    posted by jhderojas

    Nice color, nice element and nice combination of aluminium. Perdurable and hard to break. More aluminium than other I have seen for the same price.Your feet will fit fine and you can do a lot of force.Cheap and nice.
    Nice for every bike. Very hard and durable.
    It will be nice if a right and left signal on them.
  • Best LIGHTWEIGHT pedals I've ever had.

    posted by glurenorm

    very very lightweight, keeps the foot on its place.Pins stick to the outsole of a shoe.Low profile in the center and higher one on the edges minimalises the potential pain after long rides (feet are maintained in their natural position)Looks very solid
    could have additional pins and a key to them
  • Good price to value ratio

    posted by georgegvj

    Good construction: metal case, good knobs, good jacks. Beatiful finish. It's a very versatile pedal, going from a low gain "crunch" to a high gain distortion. You can tweak the sound from blues to heavy metal.
    Acceptable noise level (expected for a high gain pedal). Looks very good on the Pedal Board.
    Great pedal for the price. I recommend. In my set, I use a TS-9, and needed a higher gain pedal. This pedal fitted very well.

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