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red module Customers Reviews

  • Perfect for my mittre saw

    posted by Tilleke

    fine sharp focused laser line, a bit jigged on the far end.
    bought this as a replacement for my metabo mittre saw.it fits the container perfectly and the 3.7v operation is exactly what the saw's supply provides.Only needed to realign the laser by twisting is around it's axle and I was good to go.Could not be more satisfied. Only hope it lasts.
    easier to buy it from DX than to have it replaced by metabo.only set me back roughly 3$
  • Works fine!

    posted by BenNL

    Produces a good quality cross, built-in regulation circuit allows you to easily connect it to batteries.
    Good product.
  • Module used as Sherline/CNC referencing

    posted by abasir

    Very well made... Easy to disassemble... can be focused to give fine lines... the lines are perpendicular to each other thus really helpful in workpiece referencing for my CNC milling work... the voltage rating of 3V-4.5V also make power supply handling very easy... I just connect it to my USB and presto...
    I bought this to use on my Sherline CNC machine... It works very well... more information at my blog www.9w2bsr.com
  • It is all what i expected to be

    posted by Alekzander2013

    Compact, good quality, serial interface (SPI), well known controller (ILI9341), lot of drivers for almost every MCU. I get it to work with my STM8S as soon as i wired it correctly (don't forget - it's 3.3v, and RST and SCE is Active Low so they have to be pulled to ground by external resistor or MCU settings).
    It was my first color display. And, as it SPI - it is slow for something realy good. But it quite allright for static information display or first steps in MCU learning.
    For me personally, it is too small and too slow. Now, as i tasted it i want MOAR!!! :) Although one can find a use for it, that's for sure.
  • I was surprised that it works.

    posted by jirka80

    A relatively large voltage range. Increasing the drive worked on the first try.
    When the need for constant output voltage for a wide variety of input values??, the product seemed ideal. Very simple to set up with great sensitivity. Easy wiring. With a bit of caution must operate on the first circuit.
    price / value

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