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red lights Customers Reviews

  • Nice laser pointer

    posted by Ahnrokk

    This is a laser pointer with more functionality than just a laser. All three functions works well. Tested the money detector on Swedish bills and I saw the markings.
    When the battery is dead, it is cheaper fro me to buy a new laser pointer than buying batteries here where I live.
    The white light is not good for using outside because it is not very strong but works okay if you need a little light fitting keys into key-locks or stuff like that.
  • bright lights

    posted by ptorres82

    Okay, these lights are really bright. I got these a year ago and they are still bright. You cannot go wrong with these. All the 12 modes work perfect with no flaws. They send out a bright beam of light ahead and are VERY bright during the day.
    If you are not in law enforcement or any other emergency agency I would only get these for your house. You can use these for home security purposes if you would know how to set them up.
    Very bright, very professional looking and feel, with everything you could ask for. Great to hide away quick for working undercover stings.
  • good quality product

    posted by fjstan

    good quality product. fulfills the intended purpose.draws attention. resistant material
    switch turns off bad quality
    good visualization of signalinga little big for my size weight 90kgI bought to use with my electric bike in transit at night. and part of day
  • Very handy to have.

    posted by cyclist

    Great little light that can attach to lots of things and not just the saddle rails.Its pretty bright for the size.Very good that it uses CR2032 battery's and these last a lot longer than the smaller thinner ones the original light that this thing is a copy of uses.Doesn't weigh much.Seems very waterproof.
    Great light to just have clipped on the bike all the time for when it is needed.Good run time and good battery size.I can highly recommend this at the time of writing (before the manufacturers see that it is selling well and change it and make it cheaper to make and **** it up!).
  • I'm your father

    posted by Stiklc

    Both lasers work and are quite powerful. Led lights are also awesome. Lasers are seen from far away. Mounting is flexible you can put it on a thin bar or thick one, on horizontal and on vertical part of the frame.
    Mounting is a little tricky, It doesn't look very stable, but it hasn't fell off yet and I still got it. So far I've been using it for 2 h and batteries are still OK.
    Great tail-light for your protection. Really makes you visible

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