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red light car Customers Reviews

  • Good 5W bulb replacements

    posted by TNX255

    I bought three pairs of these to replace my somewhat dim Toyota Avensis T25 2004 stock rear light 5 watt bulbs. Delivery took about three weeks to Finland, not bad. They arrived in the usual DX bubblewrapper envelope, and were not damaged. All tested out OK, no defective LEDs, and all very nicely aligned too. A couple had the "cone" part with the LEDs slightly crooked to the side from the base, but it was firmly attached and did not have any effect on usage. Brightness is higher than regular 5w (clear colored) bulbs, and these suit very well as replacements for those. The Avensis has three bulbs in each tail light, and before I could tell where each individual bulb was, but these spread the light more evenly and it looks a lot better (and brighter) now :) Fitting was no problem, there was plenty of space in the light housing for these to fit.
    I wanted red bulbs specifically because I figured that very bright clear ones would shine through the plastic red cover of the tail light and distort the shade of red. Seems I made the right choice :)
    Solid quality, good brightness, not overly expensive, fits my application very well and spreads the light more evenly than normal bulbs. Recommended!
  • Fun and safety in one package.

    posted by robogo82

    These shine a nice red light all around your bike. They shine bright, so you are easily visible. These also make heads turn as everyone wants to see what is that on your bike. Mounting them is easy. Once mounted, they stay on (provided you screwed them on tight).
    This is my second set (third if you count the one I bought for my friend). Very interesting things, these. I was stopped by the local traffic police once for using these, not because they are illegal, but they wanted to check the system out and they also concluded it's a good safety precaution when driving in the dark.
    Absolutely recommend these if you ride your bike in the night or even late evenings. Makes you much more easy to see for other motorists.
  • Works perfectly - True red color

    posted by pix0r

    - Easy to replace- Fit perfectly- Well built- Nice light and colour (true red, not magenta)- Bright enough to replace your car stop lights- Quite cheap
    IMO replacing standard car lights with LEDS are a nice investment. They'll last forever, not heating and with a low-to-none consumption, so if you ever forget turning them down they won't drain your car battery.
    Would buy again, i'm now recommending them to all my friends.
  • The best replacement light for me

    posted by LiviuIonut

    Very good light.The light output difference between those 2 phase are very good visible. More light than regular bulbs, than 25W regular 2 filaments. Very Low consumption.The light is emitted in all direction, lateral distribution very good.The light became emitted more quickly than regular bulbs and stop emitting instantly.Is a big price but seems it last.The pcb plate is not heating.
    I replace the left back red light with 2 of this.One of the light is for brake also and one is only for night use. I replace only on one side for testing and work for more than 1 year.The light output for max is brighter than regular and good distribution. When function with one circuit the light distribution is perfectly too.All the leds are function in both phases too. (brake/night light).I will replace 2 more regular bulbs with this leds.
    I use 2 bulbs in my car for more than 1 year and function perfectly. Very good 1157 bulb with high price. Excellent buy for me.
  • You want red ?

    posted by DexterP

    Guys : this HAS a really good price tag !!!It's easy to installIt's got 3M sticky tape at the back ... Sticks really good !
    Although it was glued to my back window : I too if off ... usually what that means is that you break the circuit inside ... but this one did not break ... Still working great after taking it off a back window.
    This is a good buy ! Did not break on me, did not fail, all LEDs are lighting after taking it off.I recommend it.

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