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Welcome to our red light 3w online shop. When you purchase products at DX, you will receive DX points. These dx.com points can be redeemed for certain products, offering the customer great discounts. red indicator light or red dot lights contains many hot and popular products. DX provides the hottest gadgets at the lowest prices.
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red light 3w Customers Reviews

  • Good bulb for design

    posted by shevmi

    Extremely low power consumption for the amount of light produced. Surprisingly bright. Colour OK (red as stated). Fit existing halogen downlight sockets perfectly. Much less heat produced than existing 50W downlights and are therefore much more efficient. Each LED has it's own lens.
    Definitely will buy more.
    Great price. Good build quality. Perfect for design and decoration.
  • Brighter than stock

    posted by asdasd123123

    These are just great, considerably brighter than my 20 watt bulbs, and my indoor lighting doesn't fade when I hit the brakes any more.
    My old faded plastic reflectors are now deep red again as they probably were back in -89 instead of orange red like with bulbs.Gives a fresh look to an old car.
    Excellent bulbs, only problem is the too small high/low ratio. High is only "twice" as bright, instead of "four" times as bright.I use quotes because it's an extremely personal way of measuring light, but I think I get my point across.Complement with a third LED brake light to make things more obvious.
  • Powerfull flashlight, with potent zoom!

    posted by ixsolar

    I have several flashlights like this, but the others don't have the same performances like this.The zooming is very easy of manipulate and very very usefull.Is very powerfull for a flashlight with 3 AAA batteries. It has several modes, and it is very easy changing between them (this is very usefull and incommon on other similar flashlights).
    I don't really need the red ring lighting around the flashlight, but is very curious.
    I can recomend it, sure!
  • Cheap and Decent

    posted by wachingchino

    Very cheap and decent for what you are paying for these things. They are selling $15 for a pair at the local chain store auto stores in the US.Very slim and the 3M tape holds up well.
    I would like to see the lights in various other colors and switch the modes they can light up.I purchase a multi-port to use the lights. If dx decides to offer them it will help out. I purchased mine at the auto store.
    Very cheap but quality product. haven't had an issue other than having one bad piece out of the 4. I'll buy more to light up the rest of my car red. If I find other colors, then I will get some of those too.
  • Value for price

    posted by djbenami

    * Good value for price* Overall works great.* I have no idea what some of the remote buttons do (Flash, and what's the difference between smooth and fade)
    I guess for the price it's an OK product. I would have enjoyed a better range much more. Makes it an annoyance for what I intend to do with it.
    It's OK

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