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red led headlamp

Purchase the latest red led headlamp with wonderful pricing At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. Find more hot gadgets at led headlamp 12v and white led headlamp. Your support is our greatest motivation.
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red led headlamp Customers Reviews

  • OK, but SKU 12924 is better

    posted by xulman

    Cheapworksgood valuerelatively firm housing (see other thoughts)
    I was really impressed with SKU 12924 (1W) so I thought, whooha, 3W version. Well, it is NOT! If 12924 is 1w, than this is 0,7W in every aspect 12924 is better, battery fitment, housing strength and finish, power/brightness, red light can actually be used... just buy SKU 12924
    Worth the money, but SKU 12924 is betteronly buy this if 12924 is not available
  • not bad

    posted by spacemanspliff

    Cheap light with a fine light output. Nothing special but handy for a lot of things. Burns quite some hours on the batteries. The headstrap is akay as well,
    Make sure you don't loose the screw to open and close the light.
    Priceworthy, but don't xpect anything more than that
  • Great headlamp with the features I want

    posted by Akrylamid

    * Has spot-lamp for longer range and "campsite leds" for close range.* Easy and quick adjustable headband (useful to me as I switch between using with hat, without hat and on helmet).* 2 x AA battery configuration (buy a packet of 4 batteries and you don't get one left over that gets lost by the time you have two more left overs as with 3 x AA or 3 x AAA configurations).
    This lamp looks a lot like the slightly more expensive Black Diamond Spot. I chose this lamp over the Spot and other lamps because this lamp is the only headlamp I could find that met all of my requirements (listed under Pros).Two other nice features are the fading effect between modes and the battery case for quick battery changing. With the two cases loaded with 2 X AA I could switch the battery packs in the lamp without taking it of my head. Other lamps require opening of lamp or unscrewing battery pack and manually changing each battery.I can't comment on reliability as I have not had this lamp long enough. I also do not plan on drowning this lamp to test the waterproof statement. However, I have so far no reason to believe that this lamp is of lower quality than expensive brands (I own an several expensive brand headlamps).Note: I own the white version of this lamp (SKU: 232948). My review applies to both as the color is the only difference.
    If the Pros I have listed are as important to you as they are for me, then I think this lamp is worth buying.My Price rating 4/5 because it's expensive for a DealExtreme headlamp (3/5), but cheap if compared to expensive brands (5/5). This lamp definitely has the feel of quality equal to the expensive brands. If it proves to be as durable then it is most definitely a good deal.
  • I didn't read closely enough!

    posted by stunfire

    its a light and it works and easy to use. It's cheaper compared to the $30-60 headlights in MEC but probably not as strong.
    I wanted to get a head light for night reading. It will suffice for now but I don't like the red light.The headband is a simple elastic with plastic parts. not the most comfortable but not a big deal.
    Get one if you need it but read carefully!
  • Excellent headlamp at an excellent price

    posted by daponte92

    - Very small and lightweight- Battery lasts VERY long- Relatively powerful main beam- Red light has just enough power to be useful, but isn't too powerful that it broadcasts your position in the field- strap is pretty comfy- Excellent price- Good adjustability
    I paid 25 bucks for a headlamp on this site, and I found that this 6 dollar light is equivalent, if not better. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a cheap head lamp.
    Good light, pay pocket change for it, I like.

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