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  • Very useful

    posted by Dehumanizer666

    It's very useful if you don't have more than 2 hands and need to hold something and test it at the same time or if you don't have someone other at hand to help you :-)
    I've always wanted clips for my multimeter but never seen it before and on the other hand I was too lazy to make it myself, so this SKU was exactly what I needed :-)
    Definitelly buy it if you need it. Not much more to say...
  • Great deal

    posted by Magik79

    Absolutely perfect, genuine item. These are basic leads, no bells or whistles, but perfect for all standard use - electrical or electronic. These are 1/3 of the price of local Fluke versions (different models) and are perfectly adequate.
    None - pretty simple item, which is as expected.
    Very happy and am more than satisfied. I am happy to recommend and I'm also pretty sure they are genuine Fluke, but specifically for the Chinese market.
  • Great upgrade from stock probes

    posted by ekilachkoff

    Cable length should be enough for almost every purpose (120cm). The tip has a thread, so additional accessory may be screwed onto it (see below).Connectors are protected, so if you disconnect probes from the meter while leaving them attached to the mains you cannot touch metal parts and cannot get a shock.
    Cables are 600V CATIV and 1000V CATIII rated. Will work nicely with UT-C01 spring hook (SKU 150311) and UT-C02 aligator clip (SKU 135003).
    This is for serious work, so much better than bundled stuff!
  • exactelly what you need

    posted by dadinow

    It's always uselfull to have such things in you repair box.banana: goodalligator:goodcable:good
    I'm amazed the price i can get this in the store aroind here.and for the same quality.As mentioned , this is uselfull but i must confess not really necesay for the "real pro around"but so i can make rapid prototype and test .Do not hesitate to watch gor another bana plug on the site either , sometime refered as loudspeaker conector.and do not expeect to go in the high power (large amount of amp).perfect for electronic experimentleave one pair in the car , in the office.in the rapir boxand completely trash another one in a sily experiment.
    You have to wait for it .in the store you can view it and buy it imediatelly.
  • Good priced product for prototyping.

    posted by Yodrukknop

    Very easy-to-use product when you are 'prototyping' electrical circuits with DC Power plugs.I used it in combination with 2.1 Diameter DC Jacks. the alligator clips works perfect. they have a perfectly sized clips.
    Good price for product, i bought 4 at a time using it for 'pre assemble' circuits before i have to solder anything.
    product with good price-quality ratio

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