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  • A very good option with a low price

    posted by adg89

    Is a good objet to have to make electrical reparations. This items are normally expensive. Tis item is a good tester with an amperimeter clam with a very low price. Work greats in DC and AC voltage and quite good in AC current.The cables for make the measurements have a good quality, and the bag for the transport are very usefull.
    Very good thing, but the wheel where you must select the mode can have the indicator in other color. All of the item is bult in a green rubber that helps you for grab it.
    Is a very good option for home repairs. Check voltages, conductivity, or the current in one line.Remember that for make a current measure you need to put in the clamp ONLY one of the cable of the electrical net. If you put the two normal cables the measure will be 0.
  • Excellent Multimeter

    posted by xavaska

    Well made case, not a cheap plastic, rubber coating good to proctect to chocks, Hold button really freezes the reading. Automatic range but you can select it, and a feature i've never seemed before: a digital mutimeter reading zero when you short probes reding resistences. I have two meters from other brands and they show low numbers, not zero ohm. It's almost a microohmimeter (kidding...) Excellent, good price,four digit not three and a half. Frequency and duty cicle is hard to find in some models.
    A excellent and cheap multimeter, can be used professionally at low voltage, i don't recomend to use over 500V, but i never recomend this kind of meter (any brands) in that voltage. If you saw electrical injuries you understand me.
    If you need a good multimeter, buy it!
  • Stylish and practical wine thermometer

    posted by nicolasantoci

    Stylish and practical wine thermometer which gives the temperature of the drink. Ideal for the tasters.The battery have a long life because it only works if the behind button is pushed (when the termomether is put onto de bottle).
    I think if It will be is a difference between the temperature into the bottle and the measure but it will be lower!
    It a simple, cheap and useful item for wine bottles. You will not be dissapointed!!
  • LCD with two wires for Arduino

    posted by Edupenna

    Very good LCD. It has an I2C Funduino chip in the back with a jumper to turn on and off the backlight. It has 4 pins, VCC - 5v, GND and SDA e SCL. It has a small pot to adjust the contrast of the display and a Led to show that´s powered up.
    The adress of the LCD is 0x27. The main advantage is the use of only two pin of the Arduino board, instead of the lot of pinss used by paralelal display
    Didn't find it yet.
  • Satisfied Customer

    posted by Dadao

    The whole equipment is complete for a user with good experience with electronics, the cost benefit is very interesting, the equipment is robust and very easy to use, were made some tests and his behavior was great.The equipment can measure DC direct current, alternating current AC, DC voltage, AC voltage, resistance and continuity, it is an ideal tool for users.
    Despite the long distance be transport, packing and shipping product by mail resisted and protected the product
    I am very happy with the purchase, I will recommend to my friends

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