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red laser module Customers Reviews

  • What you would expect

    posted by Gunchars

    I've been playing around with these for the last couple of days. This is what I found:* The description (if you can call it that) (3.5V~4.5V 3~5mA) is not entirely correct, especially the part about current. I ran it from 3.3V regulated with 3mA and the beam was barely visible. At 35mA it's comparable to other 5mW pointers I have.* There's a 270 Ohm resistor on board, so you can wire it directly with a power supply. I used 3.3V, but I think that 3 x 1.5V cells would do just fine.
    The bottom line is that it pretty much works as expected. For this price you probably wouldn't find anything better.
  • cheap, cheaply made but very usefull

    posted by oinkwaste

    You cant beat the price 46cents per laser.they work as expected come prefocused and can be driven by a li-ion battery.they are very versatile and you can attach them as guides , pointers you name it
    the diode is attached to two small pieces of pcb each of them serving as a pole.on the negative side there is a 50Ohm resistor. Driven only from a Li-Ion cell the laser works quite ok.this easy trick eliminates the need for a constant current driver that will drive the cost up
    They are very cheap and cheaply made but they work as intended so Icant really complain about the quality . in the price you usually get 1 red diode, you get 10.by using a 50ohm resistor the laser can be driven directly from a li-ion cell which make it easy to mount into many solutions
  • Nice laser in Aixiz module

    posted by DKMoose

    It's actually quite bright
    The LD is in std. Aixiz module.
    The LD can be removed and replaced by a better one (eg. bluray)
    Refitted some of mine with stronger Laserdiodes.
    Have made a bluray driven on 140mA that lights a match in less than a second and is visible at night.
    Made another one with a burning IR Laserdiode. I'm a little scared of that one, since i need a camera to see if it's on.
    Great product for DIY projects, like home-made powerful lasers and such.
  • Cheap but great product

    posted by Fluxw42

    Small but strong laser.
    Ideal for use in DIY projects: cheap and good material.
    Long connection wires with clear marking for polarity (RED for the positive pole and BLACK for the negative one).
    Verry sharp dot: Almost no beam divergence.
    The two received lasers have the same divergence and brightness.
    It's a two pack so this makes it only cheaper.
    Great product, great price, fast and FREE shipment ... I love it :)
  • Good and cheap laser

    posted by Andiaaes

    its very small, its very bright.i was surprised by the power of this little laser module. it looks good and solid.The power od the product is very good compared to the price
    if u need a laser, buy this one, its cheap and awesome.
    its a very small laser, with a good red beam, you can not see the bean in a full dark room, but the dot is easy to see in bright daylight.Awesome product i do not regret my purchase.


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