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red laser module

It's very convenient for you to find the red laser module you want at our online shop. DX is the leading electronic products provider in the world where millions of people shop daily. red laser aiming or red laser mount may offer more options for you. We try our best to make your shopping experience stress free, so you can have the best shopping experience available.
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red laser module Customers Reviews


    posted by TheTominater

    Very nice laser
    IT HAS A POT masive plus right there
    Good build quality
    I maxed out the pot dont worry its a sturdy laser it wont burn out if u max it, it might get a bit hot
    Very bright im guessing 10mw+ (with pot maxed)
    I recomend this
    I run mine on a single cr2 battery with the leads touching both ends and the laser module on the + side of the batery and the whole thing is covered in black electrical tape
    so its quite small
    smaller than half my thumb all together
    Good laser i recomend it
  • perfect for small proyects

    posted by ARIZZAN

    the price here in california each is 23.dollars!!!so gettingthem for this price is a great price! from dx!
    excellent for building photo cells interrupters!with small mirrors,i do use one on the garage,3 windows and the dppr they just perfect for your imagination ! go for it!
    good unit all the way! size price easy to use and put to work on my projects! the casing it is well done the wires long enough to put a small switch or to add more soldered wire !
  • Excellent very tiny cheap laser module.

    posted by DukeEuphoria

    Dirt cheap. This is a fine price for a general use laser module.Strong red light from 3v upwards to 6v.Strong Metal body in brass. Easy to fit to final assembly.Utterly tiny. It';s hard to see from the photos how small these are. they're about the size of a jelly bean.
    Cheap and cheerful.This isn't the kind of device you're going to use for laser interferomentry or tabletop hologram creation. But it's ideal for putting a bright red spot on something within a couple of hundred metres.
    Fine module, will almost certainly buy more.
  • Very nice

    posted by qlong

    Cheap affordable replacement or DIY laser. It's smaller than I expected.
    Great module for the price, its very cheap and well built
  • Perfect for my mittre saw

    posted by Tilleke

    fine sharp focused laser line, a bit jigged on the far end.
    bought this as a replacement for my metabo mittre saw.it fits the container perfectly and the 3.7v operation is exactly what the saw's supply provides.Only needed to realign the laser by twisting is around it's axle and I was good to go.Could not be more satisfied. Only hope it lasts.
    easier to buy it from DX than to have it replaced by metabo.only set me back roughly 3$

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