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red ink pen

Buy quality red ink pen at our online store at low prices. As china's largest gadgets suppler, DX devotes its efforts to provide the best service to customer all over the world. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.
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red ink pen Customers Reviews

  • Excellent items!

    posted by zazoue

    Do not hesitate to buy these pens if you need red color ones. They are light, nice and they have a smooth writing. They do not leak.I believe these are better than other branded products and they have a very good quality. Moreover, the price is very attractive.Last very long as they have a fine writing. The cap closes very well and there is no risk of unwanted opening in your bag or pocket.
    Could be available in other colours than red, blue or black.
    Buy them!
  • Best!!

    posted by Sarith11

    Easy to use.Pretty coloured lights beautifully changing smoothlyStrong Laser Beam.Goes Far.Handy.So many things to do.Great Design.Easy to keep in pocket.Great Pen.Perfect Stylus.Amazing cheap price.
    With this you can do almost everything!Wonderful.The lights are LED lights and they flash in many different colours. They blend into each colour to change. GREAT for discos and parties. Small and VERY EFFICIENT!!
    Amazing, Great quality, cheap priced item.
  • Pen / Laser / Classical pointer / Flashlight

    posted by modreamarin

    Way better than its "cheaper" version, 10710...Good quality for the money - esoecialy when taking into account it really IS a 4-in-1 gadget. Also comes with 3 spare batteries, which might come in handy in time and also in a nice metal box. This is the fifth-in-one, perhaps... ;)
    Great tool for teachers, even for students and people who make presentations and stuff like that.
    Definitela recommended! I will get another one for me in my next order, as this one went to my wife... :)
  • Works fine

    posted by covekizsenke

    It really makes typing on small-screen phones easy. When you are typing with your fingers you cover up pretty much all of the surrounding letters. While with this item you can clearly see what letter is goint go be selected. Great for people who are unused to touchscreens.
    It's really neat that it also has a pen, and that DX offers it in several colors so you can match to the color of your phone.
    It's a usefull item, would buy it again.

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