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  • Cheap and usefull buff replacement

    posted by 4ngry

    Price. It costs five time less than original. It is quite thick and durable, protecting you against cold wind, snow, clay in cave and any other weather things that you can obtain.
    Buy it, this is good one. Choose any colour you like.
    I have bought two for me and wife. We were using it as protecting from clay layer between head and helmet in caving. Size fits perfect to our heads and optionally on arms, we like the its paintings.
  • Excellent shower head with a few issues

    posted by CaptKirk

    Well built shower head. Very stylish and modern looking. Clean lines. Nozzles are the rubber type that are easy to clean and clear if they get clogged. The swivel is strong and well designed. The LEDS are bright and look very cool. I can leave the lights off in the bathroom as the shower head lights the shower now with free water power! The unit I received has 12 LEDs like (SKU: 117457). Temp sensing is fairly fast and seems reasonably accurate. The generator in the water stream is very quiet (for now).
    The price seems a bit high for getting plastic instead of glass. The overall quality is very good and it is impossible without touching to tell it is plastic so I will keep it. Time will tell if the generator stays as quiet over time as it is now.
    This (or actually SKU: 117457) is great if you like LEDs and water combined like me.
  • Comfortable

    posted by IDanAs

    Black and red are the most likely combination of coulors, I chose those not because they were comfortable but because they looked fit to my car sits. Suprised to expirience that those pillows not only look nice but also feels like you can enjoy the ride and rest your head once a while. Would be a good gimmick to put in the back sits.
    More coulors are needed for more customer likes.
    Very comfortable and nice looking. If the price was lower I would get another set for the back sits.
  • So good until it got stolen!

    posted by xylta

    I like the colour it came in, verynice. The usefulness was rated very high as many people liked it.Interesting piece to show and tell and also relieve tension and stress.It's bendable and portable.
    Reason why I am writing this is to tell all to be careful who you show yr fun DX items to... ;p Unless u have a few spares lying around. You might have to buy more in the near future if someone walks off with it. ;p
    Great whilst it was around
  • Great product

    posted by jeancracoski

    These chopsticks are very easy to clean and to store. They are very resistant and bendable so they do not break easily.
    It looks good and it is very hard to leave dents on it, and it is healthier this way because microbes and bacteria live on these small defects and marks.
    I have bought eight pairs of this product and I am very pleased with them.


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