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  • Marvellous

    posted by ahjo79

    Excellent choice for small money. I use with mountain skiing and I go for a drive on a snowmobile. Very good glasses. A frame very soft and convenient. The good review. I recommend bar none. Great, great value!!!
    These goggles were used by me for my first ski trip. I think they worked great, were easy to adjust and fit perfect. My wife was surprised by the low cost and good looks of them. Would recommend this product to friends.
    They are so comfortable to wear...I use them for motorcycling too and they don't cause my eyes to water while riding. I have ordered 4 pairs(different colours)
    Very satisfied, would highly reccomend
  • Welcome to 3D World

    posted by gonzaloxp

    Have a really dark red, that reduce the ghosting that include Red-Blue Glasses from movies as Mini Spy's 3-D or the one of Jonas Brothers DVD for example, wich are made from "hard paper"
    Prolly you can use it a couple of years this one's without problem.
    Perfect for use with iz3D driver in PC, not only movies, 3D xxx movies, or games which have bundled 3D configuration.
    You cant ask for more at this price.
    Its a good way for discovery Anaglyph 3D world. Since years im fan of experiment with anaglyph glasses, so this a good buy. With iz3D driver can use Red-Blue Glasses in optimized mode, and you loose less color using 3D which its very nice.
    Very cheap and useful
  • Works like it should!

    posted by omerk153

    - These 3d glasses are very cheap.
    - you can see in high quality 3d movies just like in the cinema.
    - it doesnt take a lot of room to store it.
    these are very nice glasses, works good, very nice and cool style :-)
    if you want to watch movies in the new technology of green-red glasses these are the best!
  • Very cheap and functional

    posted by cezzinhaa

    Very easy to use, plug and play is only to fix the sticker on the phone and close the lens that it sticks to the magnet and is ready to use. Great for making films with higher capture angle. No need instruction to use the product, just attach the adhesive. Works on all devices with flat surface for attaching the adhesive. The adhesive is good and sticks well to the material of the phone. It is great to put on webcam notebook laptops.
    Great product quality, brushed aluminum with high quality paint, super easy to carry in your pocket, comes with a keychain to carry lens. The magnet that comes with the product is super strong and the lens does not move after you glued to the phone. With the lens has excellent image quality.
    Recommend the lens to all mobile phone users who make movies and panoramic photos and footage. optimal cost-benefit ratio as it is a product with high quality and very easy to use.
  • Good For Price

    posted by Soaresden

    I have Stuart Little 2 edition !
    Good quality, and I think adapted to everyone's head
    Good Quality for good price, what are you asking ?!
    The same on ebay is *7 expensive !
    I'll recommand the product because you will got a pairs of glasses, maybe you will have better decoration than "Stuart Little" ?

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