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red flashlight Customers Reviews

  • Very Good Flashlight for beekeepers.

    posted by m1007

    Very Good Flashlight for beekeepers. Bees does not respond for red light. Bee's do not see red light at 640-650nm. This red LED has dominant wavelegth about 627-630nm. BUT IT WORKS ! See my videos. Bees do not respond or react for this light. Professional, cheap, constructive, with exellent quality, what else ?
    Can stay on bottom.
    Ideal flashlight for beekeepers.
  • Very good and usefull keychain

    posted by pintoxpto

    It comes very well packaged with 3 batteries that were in their place, with full charge.
    The 5mW red laser is good, it enlarges a bit in long distances but it is normal for this kind of pointers. It has a very good reach for its power.
    The light is bright and enough for its purpose.
    I'm using it as a keychain and it has been very usefull. It can be used as a last resource pointer for presentations with good results. The light is also usefull for lightening dark places or door locks.
    One of the best and more usefull keychains you can find for this price. Nothing else to say.
  • Excellent flashlight with few small cons

    posted by akkenoth

    Very bright;Good zooming system (not a movable header but a rotating ring);Good body quality;Not too big, but not small;Anti-rolling nut;Great clip (no way it's getting loose);Works on 18650 batteries
    Great flashlight that needs some small DIY finishing (o-rings)
    It'll fit a standard 1" (2.5cm) scope mount, so mounting it on a gun will be easy (though I wouldn't try it with anything more powerful than .22)
  • Good light!

    posted by Cakeladooth

    I bought this light to show my students how a dynamo works. It is perfect for that! You can see through the platic so children can understand how it works. You have a battery but if you turn the light off and pumps it, you can still see the light going on and off as you pump. It was perect to illustrate the effect of mechanical energy on light energy.
    Light is really bright, easy to use, small to take in a purse.
    Love it! Wish they have them in other colours though...
  • Nice all around o-ring lubricant

    posted by pileon

    This is an all-round lubricant for o-rings. The pack is very useful to keep in a save a dive kit
    This is a general purpose lubricant. I use it freely for my o-rings on diving torches and housings of Cameras. On the other hand, I would not recommend to use it for breathing regulators. For them always use a lubricant recommended by the manufacturer. Also no info about oxygen compatibility so not recommended for nitrox etc.
    Something that all divers should keep in their 'save a dive' kit. Does not take space. Always keep in mind that in lubrication "less is more" and should put a very thin layer of grease. The quantity provided should last for a life time for the occasional recreational diver.

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