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  • The Real Deal

    posted by sarquez

    No words to discribe this awesome product... Really, if this is not the real deal (K&N), this is the best copy ever.It fits great, has a great finish, the material is also just like the original.I've compared to a original K&N costing 4 times the price and we could not find any difference.This has worked fine on my ride, still not dyno tested to see if there were actually a small improvement of HP, but for the breathing of the car I can tell it is much better, shifting between gears on overtakes has improved.
    I'll buy another for my wifes car, as this is a great cost x benefit product.
    If you are looking for an air filter... BUY THIS ONE... the best one at DX.
  • Not for everyday, but usefull.

    posted by DaioliX

    So, red filter hardly can be used in color photo, only if you like to make artistic photos with it and photoshop you can make photos from Mars or some like...I bought it for B&W photo where red filters widely used for making contrast sky. Gradient provides to make more soft effect than simple red filter.About quality. Alls fine, glass is glass, red is red. Box is good and nothing bad. < Wow)
    If you read upline you can deside..
  • Good product

    posted by volvo4life

    Very good build quality. Dual adapters for domestic and vehicle use is a great advantage. Box includes an extra filter.Good size and looks good in any surrounding.Comes with a sticky pad for the bottom.
    It might be a good thing that it doesn't generate Ozone, because it's not good to inhale air within an enclosed area like a car while Ozone is being generated. If your car has an odor that needs to be cured using Ozone treatment, there are commercial places that do Ozone shock treatment. This is done while no one's in the car. After a few hrs the O3 breaks down back in to O1 and O2 (Oxygen) during the process of decomposing / oxidizing any order causing particles.
    The title is not very accurate but it's still a very good product.
  • Authentic K&N

    posted by luvcuda

    Awesome deal....build quallity is the same as K&N filters I have bought here in the states...seems authentic...great item. Looks great, works great, is great. I put this on my Mustang GT to take the place of the filter that the rubber boot tore on. No difference in performance.
    It's the real deal. Go ahead and pull the trigger.
    You know you want to... so go ahead.
  • Used as a red filter for flashlight

    posted by BZW22

    Comes with protective case and inside a protective plastic liner to help keep dust and stuff off it.
    Is a nice true red (not some horrible orange).
    Good thickness (2mm).
    Can be cut to the size of a flashlight lens and used to filter out other wavelengths (380nm thought to about 630nm)
    Large enough to make at least 3 lenses from a single piece for p60 hosts.
    If this is going to be used on a torch then I suggest you find a very bright torch to use it with, as even a fairly well focused XML driven at around 2.4A when focused though this filter is still duller then the ~60 lumen red Cree drop-in that comes with SKU:20333.
    Nice, good quality red filter. For what it is the price could be lower but then again it does include shipping.
    There is very little to say about such a basic item, thus why I am writing this rather pointless sentence.


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