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red filter Customers Reviews

  • Not for everyday, but usefull.

    posted by DaioliX

    So, red filter hardly can be used in color photo, only if you like to make artistic photos with it and photoshop you can make photos from Mars or some like...I bought it for B&W photo where red filters widely used for making contrast sky. Gradient provides to make more soft effect than simple red filter.About quality. Alls fine, glass is glass, red is red. Box is good and nothing bad. < Wow)
    If you read upline you can deside..
  • Does not fit my Go Pro

    posted by Pollewop

    Color seems alright for blue water diving. Filter is of a good quality. Easy to click on you underwaterhousing.Building quality is good, small and light. Easy to bring with you.
    Good tool, would help making better dive movies.
    check your camera + camera housing version before purchase! Make sure you have a hero3+ camera. Check you specs if you dont know for sure.
  • The real thing!

    posted by jilleberends

    - Looks to be a real K&N filter- Smells, feels, looks the same as original- Fits like a glove- Good building quality- Huge
    I've been using it on my car for 2 months now, and I'm very enthousiastic about it. Be sure to fit it in a location where it doesn't suck hot air from the engine.
    Get it if you want a filter on a stick for a nice price, usually this type of filter is much much much more expensive! Do not install this type of filter when you don't know what you're doing.
  • Windy

    posted by Ribbon96

    -Cheap-Blow out a lot of wind a time-Easy to handle-Easy to use-Easy to have in you pocket-Doesnt take much space -Fits perfect in your camerabag!-Can squis it into every where..... just take out the air, and put in a place where its not ,uch space!
    Love this thing! takes away everything frm my amera lens!, and its easy to put in the camerabag!
    Buy rhis if you are looking for something in this style! its quality product, and cheap
  • Genuine K&N

    posted by beedrad

    This filter is a genuine K&N filter. It has great build quality and filters very well. Previously I was using a green HKS filter that allowed small dust particles into my intake system, now there is no dust through my intake and it looks great in my engine bay :)My filter is well built and does not have any kind of defects in it. The cotton filtering medium is flawless, and even though the box arrived damaged, the filter was undamaged. Maybe these filters are seconds from K&N because the have damaged boxes?
    Very cheap, comparable K&N filter from a shop is around $80-100
    Great product, well worth the cheap cost

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