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You can find fashionable red fabric at a low price. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.

red fabric Customers Reviews

  • Good fabric, red star is great

    posted by garfpt

    - Great fabric and great stitching.- Red star is great and gives a great look on the hat because it has a great contrast (red on black).- Stiff front with stitching, does handles a wash without getting soft like other hats.- Real cheap for a top quality hat.- Army-like look.
    I was expecting a low quality hat, but I was surprised by the quality of the stitchings on this hat. It has some really great finish for this level of price.
    DX really has some really quality gem of hat with this product.Recommended for people who like hats, specially arm-like ones.
  • A Big Hat for Big Heads

    posted by gigamegawatts

    This is a nice, roomy cap for people with big heads, like me. The front part of the hat is soft -- no plastic insert or mesh -- and the back has a long Velcro band. So, my head doesn't feel squeezed as it does in most baseball caps. Build quality is quite good, and it feels like 100% cotton.
    Shipping caused the hat to arrive flat as a pancake, and it still looks flatter than in the photo.
    I'm picky about hats -- for every 10 hats I get, I end up wearing only 1. This one has made the cut.
  • Nexus 4 User

    posted by neppydotcom

    *I use it for my Nexus 4 althought its designe for the S3*It is rainproof, i also felt in ground in a rainy day and the water didnt reach the device im so happy that with!*The gray strip is reflective
    *This is not long lastring.*I dont know how but the front plastic now is scratched (prob in usage)*The gray strip is reflective*It does what it suppose to do: carry your phone on your arm and protect it from splashes
    Nothing else to say
  • Excellent cost-benefit

    posted by lucasbastos

    This is a very beautiful flag. I'm from an italian family and I'm very proud to have this product in hands.It arrived very quickly, specially considering I'm not an U.S. resident, and came wrapped quite carefully.One of it's sides (the green one) fits perfectly on a broom stick, which is great, because a flag pole is very expensive.Fabric is very nice too...
    It inspired me to buy other flags, DX is just the best!
    Absolutely worth buying, couldn't be happier when it arrived. Very cheap, very nice, very beautiful...
  • Vonderful, useful, love it.

    posted by LadislavD

    I'm exited about this product.Its soft, nicely fit in to all my shoulder bags, which I immediately turn to camera bag.Good for all cameras up to full frame, heavy DSLR (like SONY A850 with heavy and big ZEISS 16-35 lens on it).Good up to 200 mm lens, but better to measure the dimensions.
    I have 2 sets of internal soft bags, and than I'm not pushed to buy and use commercial = expensive productsOne is smaller, one is bigger. The bigger one is this one, bought on DX.comHappy with it, and recommended product for all users.
    Buy one, and be happy . :)

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