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  • Sporting gear with childish twist

    posted by madendra

    I was impressed with the material and feel of the boxing gloves. I only bought it as a toy for my son, but they have proven to have the quality of above average sporting gear. The gloves strap on quite nicely. They are great for a physical work out. The graphics on the glove are also not as cheesy as I thought that they would be.
    It would be great if you also supplied other boxing training gear for children to complement this product.
    Over all I was definitely satisfied with the product.
  • Great quality!

    posted by fairyalex

    This was actually really good!! I was expecting a cheap thin plastic that i thought would break almost immediately, but i was pleasantly surprised to find out is a hard thicker plastic that i think will actually last.
    I love that it's transparent and you can see the machine inside. And it has glitter too!!
    If you love music boxes, like me, get it, you won't regret it!
  • Good looking cheap box for cufflinks

    posted by DMJD

    As a present, I ordered some cufflinks together with this box to hold them in. From the outside, the box looks good. It also opens nicely.
    A very nice box for cufflinks but don't expect a high quality jewelry box. If you just want a nice small box that looks good and don't care whether it is actual jewelry quality, then it is perfect.
  • Covert safe for cash or small valuables

    posted by thebeancounter

    Solid build quality. Blends in well on a bookshelf full of other books.
    Useful to hide your cash or small valuables with minimal hassle. Not really much use if they find it though ,as they do not need to get it open to steal it, they can simply take the entire thing and worry about busting it open later.
    Would be a better buy and a better product if it were large enough to make sneaking out with it harder to do. Like say the size of a ream of copier paper. THAT would be big enough to justify paying $20 plus it would be way too large to stuff in a purse or down one's pants.
  • Small, well built, right for medicine

    posted by KOTYAR

    Well, it's cheap, well-built, sturdy. It will stay closed if you acicdentally fell it, it will remains closed in your travel bag, quality of material is OK.-Reaaaaally nice design.
    It is made of three parts: lower part , upper part (like a seashell), and acrually 6-grid white box inside it. White box could be pulled out, and it could be used to keep little little things, like computer jumpers, or my flash drives.Would be nice if DX had 7-grid box for medicine. Then every grid would be like one day a week. Would be more useful
    Nice well-built box (except for the part where you have to glue up the white thingeys), stands for it's price.


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