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red blue water Customers Reviews

  • Small yet powerful

    posted by LampaSB

    I was surprised with quality of body finish, no sharp edges, premium feel under fingers. Light itself is powerful and bright. You will be noticed for sure. Also side visibility is also good.
    Instalation is easy, rubber is nice and flexible, it doesn't feel like it will break.
    I reccomend this item strongly for this price, especially when i saw that some bike manufacturers sell same kind of lights but only with their logo on them for 5x more higher price.
  • Does not fit my Go Pro

    posted by Pollewop

    Color seems alright for blue water diving. Filter is of a good quality. Easy to click on you underwaterhousing.Building quality is good, small and light. Easy to bring with you.
    Good tool, would help making better dive movies.
    check your camera + camera housing version before purchase! Make sure you have a hero3+ camera. Check you specs if you dont know for sure.
  • Nice bright LED watch

    posted by JamLan

    - Very clear display- Soft touch rubber band (feels very warm and soft, a lot better than cold metal pressing against your wrist)- It's different from "normal" watches making it very unique- Comes with English instructions, so setting the time and date is not that hard (there are also Chinese instructions, but I can't say if they are clear too ;-))
    If the battery runs out you can replace it, because you can take off the back of the watch.
    Very cool watch, something unique, nice to wear (because of the soft touch rubber band) and comes with English instructions.
  • Excellent shower head with a few issues

    posted by CaptKirk

    Well built shower head. Very stylish and modern looking. Clean lines. Nozzles are the rubber type that are easy to clean and clear if they get clogged. The swivel is strong and well designed. The LEDS are bright and look very cool. I can leave the lights off in the bathroom as the shower head lights the shower now with free water power! The unit I received has 12 LEDs like (SKU: 117457). Temp sensing is fairly fast and seems reasonably accurate. The generator in the water stream is very quiet (for now).
    The price seems a bit high for getting plastic instead of glass. The overall quality is very good and it is impossible without touching to tell it is plastic so I will keep it. Time will tell if the generator stays as quiet over time as it is now.
    This (or actually SKU: 117457) is great if you like LEDs and water combined like me.

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