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red blue glasses Customers Reviews

  • Suitable for 3D games/movies

    posted by ROOKiEcb

    I use them for watching 3D anaglyphic movies, games and pictures. The filters have proper color of RED and CYAN. I have tested them for watching 3D anaglyphic version of Avatar Movie by Kingdom Magician. I often work with anaglyphs, so I use them quite often and I do not say they are disposable. Be careful and they will last long.
    Main Pros:
    + 2 pcs in one package
    + great price, very cheap
    + proper colored filters
    + hard solid paper, fine quality
    + movies and games work with them
    Buy several packages and invite your friends to watch 3D movies directly at home like in theatre. Of course, use some big screen !
    For this price, you cannot get wrong. Great, buy it for you and friends.
  • 3D for everyone

    posted by Zanga2

    The glasses work perfect with You Tube, Google Maps 3D, also you can find a lot of movies on this format. The 3D experience can be perceived easily on almost any combination of desktop / laptop computer screen. The build quality / used plastic is good, and the price is more than affordable.
    Like any 3D glass technology without using sophisticated screen / polarized glasses the color perception is week. Some people who use correction glasses have slight problem accommodating to them or reduced 3D feeling.
    - Good quality
    - Easy to use
    - A lot of applications / movies / pictures can be found on the internet
    - Good and cheap 3D experience
    - Works with almost any screen.
  • It Works!

    posted by MrPopo

    It actually works. All you need to do is find a good anaglyph video on youtube.

    It looks pretty good too. If you look at it from far away it looks like you're wearing regular sunglasses.
    Really cheap, 2 bucks isn't a lot to give up for fun glasses like these.
    These glasses only work with anaglyph movies (the red and blue ones). They DO NOT work with 3D TVs or movies in the theaters. You need special glasses for that.
    Cheap, Stylish, and Fun. What more could you ask for?
  • Awesome!

    posted by JoeyDammiaans

    - Easy to use 3D glasses- Good for people who wear glasses (like me)- Does its job right- Great for long time usage
    They are perfect for watching movies for a long time since you don't really feel them sitting on your head.
    Good 3D glasses for a good price. They do their job and are perfect for people who allready wear glasses to see.If you want to watch 3D movies without spending too much money, these are perfect for you.
  • Dobre bryle

    posted by ladacoufal

    Bryle do Ceske republiky dorazily presne mesic po tom, co jsem je objednaval. Prisly zabalene v bublinkove obalce a ve slabem sacku v sade dvou kusu. Nebyly nijak poskozene, i kvalita se zda docela dobra. Na nose sedi dobre. zkousel jsem zatim jenom Avatara ve 3D. zpocatku filmu se mi zdalo, ze vidim, jakoby cervene sklo prevladalo a film jako by byl do ruzova, ale pozdeji pri sledovani to jiz preslo. Nicmene na konci filmu jsem je rad sundal a dalsi zazitek si dopreju radeji pozdeji nez drive.
    pod carou se da rict, ze mi tento zpusob 3D moc nevyhovuje, ale mozna se na to da zvyknout

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