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red bike light

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red bike light Customers Reviews

  • Good but useless

    posted by Rumlin

    Compact, bright leds, easy install.Automatically on when dark and the wheel runs.Words over of the wheel is impressive pedestrian.Waterproof.
    Need for more relevant words and phrases. For example: Speed, Bike, Go, Dont stop, etc.Ideal if it were possible to change the text using a PC. With the help of the programmer or external EEPROM.
    Spectacular effects, but useless words. With other words, it would be good item.
  • Worth the price

    posted by walladria

    The lights are perfect for city biking, where it's not necessary to lighten so much. The price is fair, and the sylicon is robust.
    Good buy. I only wished not to have to look for the extra battery missing.I bought similar lights in Tesco once, I think for 5 euros, and they were really great. Then I bartered them with a Berber guy in Morocco, and I could no loger find them in Tesco on my return. These lights I bought from deal extreme will replace them well.
    I recommend it to easy bikers who want a simple and small light for daily use.
  • very usefull!

    posted by avdad

    very nice usefull piece of equipment.fits my bike, helmet, bag.but mostly stays under my bycile seat. flashes well. looks nice.few modes of light. I use the 2nd one.
    I get a new pair every few mounthes.great give away for freinds how happen to ride also.
    all good prudoct.I'd recommend it and buy it again.\\\for real!
  • Perfect for urban movements

    posted by xurxokamelle

    Very easy to instal and usePerfect for urban bikesThe strobe position its very visible about 250 meters behind your bike.A very cheap way to protect you on the road.it´s cheap enought!
    This red light is very visible with low light conditions, like sunset or night.
    Perfect to your urban bike, and shorts desplacements like home to work or similar
  • Led light

    posted by Nesdraker

    Great light,powerfull and easy to use and open. The light its bright and you can combine static light or flashing light, perfect to advise more your presence. The form to seat it at your bike its, so easy. At stem, seatpost and other places of it.
    Better sealing would make this product wolderfull
    No others

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