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red 9v Customers Reviews

  • Nice clamp multimeter

    posted by Mikhail123

    High quality product. Strong build, real good digital multimeter.Useful bag for multimeter included.Battery included.Easy to operate.DC current clamp meter very useful, especially for car works
    I do not tested frequency meter yet, but everything else works just fine
    Real good product for people, who really need it
  • Good for the price

    posted by teixeirapt

    The batterys seem to be very good built. Measuring there voltage it gives 9.5V which is the expected value.I have tested with my equipment's and they work correctly.
    I have several electronic equipment that need them.I have bought these to have as a backup when the other are gone.
    I will buy some more. But now I think I will also buy rechargeable ones. This way I normally use the rechargeable ones and when they are charging I can put these ones in.If you have kids with electronic toys that need 9V batterys, I would recommend these ones, they work and are much cheaper then the ones I buy at local stores.
  • Top quality DMM for little money

    posted by Albertosoto

    Quality multimeter, autoranging, logging, big screen, fused, True RMS, there is lot of info about it on YouTube and forums as this is one of the best quality/price ratio DMM availables.PRECISE.
    Serial port (RS-232 interface) is nice. Allows you to log data to the PC (windows only). Very useful for tests.Has a great construction, and the battery can be replaced without having to access the internals of the DMM, which is very nice. No temperature measurement, but the lack of backlight is the only real true con.
    Great hobby DMM. Can't afford ordering a FLUKE? Try this. You won't regret, really.
  • UNI-T UT61B 2.6" LCD Digital Multimeter

    posted by madmarkgmx

    Really good for that Prize,its Not to big with good readable Display .I use it for Working and it is very comfortable to work with.Compared with my Fluke 179 the readings of the UNI-T are very close to the Fluke readings.It is True RMS and really exact in most conditions.
    When i have never seen any Fluke DMM i did not noticed that the UNI-T is not that fast showing the readings.
    At work (i am a ServiceTechnician) i have ot evaluated any cons.Because this DMM does what it should do,and is a really helpy thing.
  • Satisfied Customer

    posted by Dadao

    The whole equipment is complete for a user with good experience with electronics, the cost benefit is very interesting, the equipment is robust and very easy to use, were made some tests and his behavior was great.The equipment can measure DC direct current, alternating current AC, DC voltage, AC voltage, resistance and continuity, it is an ideal tool for users.
    Despite the long distance be transport, packing and shipping product by mail resisted and protected the product
    I am very happy with the purchase, I will recommend to my friends

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