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rectangle strip white

This is our best rectangle strip white, they all share a great design and great prices. DX is the leading electronic products provider in the world where millions of people shop daily. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.
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rectangle strip white Customers Reviews

  • Very Bright LED

    posted by csei

    The LED strip was brighter than I expected it to be. Gives a nice warm colour. Easy to solder to pads and has pads each end so was able to connect multiple units easily.
    I do wonder how long these will last without heat sinks as the heat cant be good for the LEDs.
    If you wont them buy them, good value.
  • Good led assembly

    posted by digitalr

    Very bright. Nice color rendering. But color temperature not 6000K. It closer to 4100-5000k. But this are even better.Aluminium alloy PCB, that allows easy cooling.Low heat. So radiator size can be small. I use 5x12cm U-shaped aluminium plate. It also used as reflector.There are easy to read marks on positive and negative pins.
    I use SKU: 82745 for power this LED. It seems slightly underpowered, but bright enough.
    May be slightly expensive, but very good LED for lighting applications.
  • fine COB strip

    posted by Iceananas

    - good quality- comforatble warm white color- compact size
    Such high power led modules generate a huge amount of heat! only operate them with sufficient cooling!
    This COB module is quite good, but too expensive. Several sources sell similar modules for much cheaper. Maybe DX should check the price.
  • Nice warm light

    posted by junglking

    Good build shining bright led. Warm light
    I bought this LED for outdoor activity together with 26A battery. Im not recommend to connect it directly to battery 12V. In this case it will damage cos of overheating very fast. Use resistor in the circuit. Next my measurement Current A/Resistor Ohm: 0,24/7,5 0,28/5,9 0,33/6,2 0,31/5,8 0,86/3,3 warm 0,86/1,3 hot. For my opinion the best is 0,3-0,4 A for long time using without overheating.
    In the future m.b. try testing this led with AL heat sink. Anyway good LED but use it with well know care.
  • Phenominal LED Light bar!

    posted by JohnCGibbons

    Does not generate too much heat (but it still really does need a heat sink). Light output is simply unbelievable! Very bright for such a small package size. Great for RV's or campers or any remote place where you only have 12V power.
    Excellent light dispersion from the strip - great for general lighting!
    A fantastic deal for the size and power draw and the amount of light it puts out. Best I've seen so far for LED lights!

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