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rechargeable xbox controller battery

Check out the great rechargeable xbox controller battery to see if there is any that suits you. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. DX provides the hottest gadgets at the lowest prices.

rechargeable xbox controller battery Customers Reviews

  • fine replacement

    posted by ShadowRaider

    the battery works like a charm not a good as an original thugh but way better than batteries using aa batteries.
    it functions as a good replacement. not better than originals but better than batteries using aa batteries.
    it's not as good as the original but it works fine as a replacement and it is a lot cheaper...all in all:-fine replacement-cheap-very functionali highly recommend this product.
  • Cheap and good quality!

    posted by jookertm

    Very good price, much cheaper than here in Brazil. And it works very well, spent more than 3 hours to finish the load. I do not regret!
    I bought two, one black and one white, and I do not regret anything! The store with the cheapest price I found. Buy more times for sure!I bought two, one black and one white, and I do not regret anything! The store with the cheapest price I found. Buy more times for sure!Recommneded to buy 2 of these and charge one while using another. My original xbox battery battery (purchased separately) conked off when it was not used for 2 months, but this one worked fine.
    Go for it!
  • Not so good for the money when compared

    posted by Marvinie

    - You can charge it while in use.
    - Very cheap and holds a decent charge.
    I tested the capacity of mine with a Ultrafire C3 as shown in the uploaded picture. Reed it for the full test, the test shows a capacity of 663 mAh.
    - The stated capacity of 3600 mAh is one of the biggest lies I’ve come across in my life.
    In the battery are 2 separate NiMH batteries and the strongest ones I have ever seen in the world are not stronger than 3000 mAh.
    Cheap or not cheap?
    - For a battery pack it is cheap but not for the capacity of 663 mAh.
    - I can get 2 Eneloop 2000 mAh batteries for $8.
  • Good Product with Great Price

    posted by 4th3r05

    This product is very suitable for xbox 360 wireless controller,the shape is very fit in the cradle of the xbox 360 controller.All customer will be satisfied with this product.Good Quality Good Product Good Price.
    When the battery is on with my xbox 360 wireless controller is running very well, no doubt whit that.Product is cheap...cheap...cheap extremely cheap product and the grade quality is outstanding
    Nice product when install and charge in first time with my xbox 360 wireless controller....Good Stuff
  • Very good product

    posted by davidxy01

    Very good price
    Doesn't look inexpensive, rather professional
    Fits perfectly in the xbox 360 controller
    The plug has a red indicator light
    Sometimes it's very tricky to get the loading process started but all in all a good product. It works including a few recharge processes until today without any problems.
    In my opinion you get excactly the same one as with the original recharge kit.

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